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One Of A Kind Decor Options For Your Home


One Of A Kind Decor Options For Your Home

Decorating your home can be a combination of exciting and overwhelming. While you want to add plenty of attractive touches to each room, you also want to think outside of the proverbial interior decorating box and go beyond run-of-the-mill items like flower-filled vases and large mirrors.

Here’s some terrific news: Coming up with unique décor options for your casa can be a creative and fun process, with the help of the following tips:

Create Unique Photo Art

Sure, you could frame a slew of photos of your family, friends, and Fido and display them on bookcases and the fireplace mantel. Or, you could choose a couple dozen or so of your favorite photos to create custom photo art that takes those photos and turns them into something elegant. Come up with something unique that fits your budget, flank the artwork with additional photos of friends and family, and voila — you’ve created a unique gallery smack dab in your home.

Add Rope Banisters

For staircases, you can swap out the usual boring wooden banister for a jute or rope option. This is especially fun and appropriate for homes that are near the beach and/or have a nautical theme. Be sure the rope is well-anchored to the wall, or you can secure vertical posts near the top and bottom steps and attach the rope in-between. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, consider a discount electric fireplace.

Shop For Suitcase Storage

Instead of lots of baskets, bins, and other storage options in your family room or bedroom, challenge your inner DIY’er and transform some vintage suitcases into a table/storage unit. You can shop in consignment stores or check online auction sites for gently used vintage suitcases; they can be filled with extra blankets, magazines, DVDs, or video games, and then when closed, the suitcase table can hold a small light, clock, or whatever else you wish.

Add A Chalkboard Wall With An Easel

Another unique option for a wall is to transform it into a chalkboard with the help of chalkboard paint. Keep plenty of chalk on hand and invite visitors to leave a fun message and/or drawing for you when they visit. You could also mount an easel in the center of the chalkboard wall for some additional art inspiration. And if you have kids, they’ll be amazed to learn they can now write and draw on the wall to their heart’s content.

Wallpaper An Accent Wall

While many people have a painted accent wall in their homes, it’s not as common to wallpaper a wall with a colorful and vivid pattern. Think geometric shapes, colorful blossoms that make it feel like you have a garden in the home, or polka dots. If it makes you happy when you look at it, you know you’ve selected the right pattern.

Display Your Plates

Maybe you inherited your great grandma’s gorgeous Franciscan Ivy plates. What you don’t have is a proper China cabinet to store them in. No worries, you can always display some of these beautiful plates on a wall in the kitchen or dining area. Use wire plate hangers to safely secure a group of these cherished plates to the wall, which you can paint a complementary shade of green or cream. To add to the indoor garden effect, add a few wall-mounted planters in the room filled with silk or real plants.

Have Fun With The Process

The great thing about decorating your home is that you don’t have to get it all done in one weekend. Take it one space at a time and decide what you can do to make it unique. From photo art and DIY projects to finding clever ways to display the things you love, your home will soon feel more personal and beautiful.

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