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 Is The USPS Going out of Business? – Here Is What We Found Out


Is The USPS Going out of Business

The United States Postal Service is a self-sponsored organization in the US federal government. It is mandated with the delivery of postal and mailing services in the USA.

It is among the agencies that are authorized in the United States Constitution to do so. The USPS is one of the largest job producers in the country. As of 2019, they had over 600 000 employees.

The USPS was founded in 1775, and it has stood strong with good service up to this day. It serves all Americans regardless of their region at the same quality and price.

Responding to the main question;

Is the USPS going out of business?

The answer is no. The USPS might have been struggling at some point. But it is not going out of business any time soon. The USPS is a self-sustained industry. With the growing advancements in technology, it will continue to be automated.

They will continue making money while spending less. Another possibility is privatizing the USPS. Either way, it will not go out of business.

Where Does The USPS Get Its Funding?

With the 600,000 employees, The United States Postal Service would need a lot of money for salaries. The question of where the USPS gets all this money is a mystery to many Americans.

The USPS does not receive funding from the government. The money made from selling stamps and delivering mail and parcel is used to run the organization.

There is a wide range of services offered by the USPS that give them money. There are 1st class mailings, 3rd class mailings, express mailing, and priority mailing.

There are over 155 million businesses, homes, and other delivery options for the USPS. With this number of customers, there is a considerable amount of income.

Over the year, there have been some issues with the finances. This is mostly due to advancements in technology. Most people use email and other instant messaging applications.

This has cut down on the money made by the USPS. The money coming in is less, but the workers still have to get paid. This has caused the USPS to lose billions of dollars over the years.

History And Development Of The USPS

It was initially referred to as The United States Post Office Department, and it was started in the year 1775. General Benjamin Franklin was the first Postmaster in the same year.

The USPS was initially used in the Robin Hood scheme. The scheme entailed using high price postage for letters to send newspapers.

The letters were mostly from rich business people and lawyers. The high prices subsidized cheap newspaper delivery to Americans. This helped keep awaken America’s political culture.

This also caused the USPS to grow dramatically over the coming years. In 1789 the United States Constitution was officially adopted. The federal post office is also formed this year.

In 1904 they started the Pony express. This was a time when railroads only got wet to Missouri. The mail moved over 1,800 miles on horses to California. This took only 10 days.

The Companies’ good reputation was well known. So much so that some people during the early 20th century mailed their children. This was because the packages were kept safe and handled with care.

Late in the 20th century, The USPS focused on sending letters and packages rather than newspapers. This is an instance of how the organization changes with the times to stay relevant.

In 1918, airmail was introduced. This was a faster way of moving mail from different locations. In 1963 the Zip code system was initiated.

In 1970 is when the United States Postal Service was formed from The Post Office Department. It was at this time that it became an independent organization.

In the early 1990s, there was a lot of competition from other mailing services and the fast-growing internet. In 1999 the USPS introduced PC postage and a delivery confirmation system.

The United States Postal Service was and is the most reliable mailing option. It has created a good reputation for security and reliability over the years.

Role Of The USPS In The Modern World

Modern society and technology have caused a lot of damage to the USPS. The main source of cash is letter mail, and more people opt for electronic mail; this source dwindles.

The situation has only gotten worse with the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. There has been a drop in deliveries and mail.  The United States Postal Service still serves Americans in important ways.

Over the years, the post office has evolved in structure and usage.

The USPS Played An Important Role In The Recent Elections

This service was an efficient way for the citizens to participate in elections.  It had an elaborate system that helped with the delivery of election mail.

International mail is another important aspect of the USPS

You can send large envelopes, letters, and packages from the US to foreign countries.

You can choose the service depending on speed, budget, and extra services. You would need custom declaration forms for such a package. This can be generated from the handwritten form at any post office.

Military Mail can also be useful.

In case you have a loved one in the Military. You can easily send a package to them using the USPS.  The service has access to over 500 military post offices in the world.

You could get most of the domestic mail options for military mail. There are some restrictions on the weight, size, and content of the parcel. The price is a bit reduced on the priority mail.

Money orders and passports can also be done through USPS

This is a safe option to send money through the mail. In case money is lost or stolen, it can easily get replaced.

You can purchase domestic money orders at all post offices. They go up to $ 1000 each. For international orders, they can only go up to $ 700.

Passport applications can be made at some post offices. In case you need to renew your passport, some offices offer this service. All you need are the relevant identification papers and application forms.

Paying for merchandise and PC postage

You could use the USPS to make or receive payment for the goods you sell. You would have to pay an additional fee for the delivery.

The service would collect the money from the receiver and mail it to you. This is effective since they will hold the package to ensure that you get paid. You could print postage directly from your computer.

USPS offers you software and hardware that will allow you to buy and print postage over the internet. This would be a big help since it will save you the trouble of physically going to the post office.

Post office boxes and stamp collection

Having a post office box can be very advantageous. It will allow you to receive mails when it is convenient for you.

You can book a box for 3, 6, or 12 months, depending on your intentions. The rates vary depending on the size of the box and the location of the post office.

You can rent a box online, or you can visit a post office physically.

Are you a stamp collector wondering what to do with your collection? The USPS collects stamps.  You can easily get rid of the stamps and earn from them.

The United States Postal Service is an industry that remains relevant in so many ways. As the world evolves, the company also changes to go with the trends.

Is The Usps Better Than Other American Postal Services?

Several private companies are competing with USPS in package delivery. With this many choices, you have to wonder which service would be the best for you.

The services are best, depending on what you are sending.  If you are sending small packages, then USPS would be the best option for you. The service is dependable even with changing weather.

USPS is better suited to larger packages. And you will definitely like the fact that it is so much cheaper than private mailing companies.

They also offer free pickup and delivery to mailboxes or Post Office boxes. This is the best mailing service for you to use.

The only downside is their poor customer support system and limited tracking capabilities. This can be attributed to the financial issues the Service has.


The United States Postal Service has served Americans well since its founding. Despite funding issues, they have managed to keep their customers satisfied.

USPS has also maintained a high number of employees. This has helped improve the lives of many Americans directly and indirectly. Its mark has been made in America and on the globe.

There are numerous services offered to ensure that there is something for each citizen. This is a company that has changed and will continue to change to remain relevant.

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