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Is Black The Absence Of Color, Or Is White? Mystery Solved


Is Black The Absence Of Color, Or Is White

Colors have varied meanings, but their beauty is what fascinates us. Black color may appear dull. Notwithstanding, it still captivates.

How science describes colors, particularly the black and white color, is still a mystery. To several people, black and white is a color. But science says otherwise. So technically, black and white are nothing but shades.

So, here’s one question that has been causing loads of confusion over the years.

Is black the absence of color, or is white?

Yes, black is the absence of color and visible light. For example, a black crayon can absorb every color equally, and it won’t reflect any. So, black isn’t a color, according to science. 

On the other hand, white is also not a color. White is the sum of every single color. 

Black and white is also not part of the color definition because they don’t have a specific wavelength. 

Keep reading for more details!

What Black Truly Means

First and foremost, black isn’t a color, though many people still refer to it as such. Black also has a diverse meaning like other typical colors.

Black indicates power, mystery, and fear. It also refers to authority, strength, formality, and elegance.

Families, friends, and colleagues that lost a loved one mourn wearing black outfit. No one mourns the dead by wearing white or other catchy colors. People wear black outfits when burying their dead.

So black is associated with evil, mourning, death, and rebellion. And it gives other colors variation and depth of hue. Black can also represent seriousness and professionalism.

Interior designers and homeowners don’t fancy using black. Why? It’s because it can shrink a room’s size.

In movies, black has always represented evil and darkness. It indicates something bad. But white often portrays something good in films. It also shows purity and peace.

Psychologists believe black or darkness can affect one’s body and mind. It forces people to revisit their disappointments, including the negative or damaging aspects of their lives. Such people become afraid of their futures.

Is Black Associated With Bad Things?

Yes, many people associate black with bad things. They associate black with anything evil. Black means darkness.

When the lights go off in a room, darkness takes over. And people associate darkness with sadness, pain, negativity, moodiness, and sorrow.

Black is the primary color people wear whenever they are mourning or when conducting burial for the dead. It signifies sorrow and pain in the hearts and minds of the deceased’s family and friends.

Interior designers rarely use black for wall painting. This is because it could shrink the room’s size.

So, using dark paint on a long wall can have an overpowering effect. It would make your room tiny or cave-like.

Unlike white, rooms painted with dark paint heats-up far too quickly. Why? Black paints absorb heat, unlike white. So when the sun goes up, a room with walls painted black can become warm and uncomfortable.

It’s the same for people wearing black clothing under the sun. You will find yourself sweating profusely after walking a couple of distances under the sun’s scorching heat.

There is a strong connection between color and mood. It’s also believed that if depression were a color, it would be dark or black.

Teenagers show a high psychological need for black outfit. And it often happens when they are transiting from childhood to adulthood.

But being in a dark place or wearing black often isn’t advisable. It might create a hostile environment, giving rise to mood swings and depression.

Reasons Most People Prefer Wearing Black

In the fashion world, color matters a great deal. The ability to choose the right color makes you a fashionista. An outfit’s design won’t matter when color doesn’t match.

To most people, all-black fashion does not only look cute. It’s also a winning fashion decision.

So, why do most people prefer wearing black, despite the negativity associated with it?

Makes matching outfits a breeze: 

Sometimes, matching colors of dresses can be a chore. Even when you find the right color of the dress, the shoe won’t match. If it’s not the shoe, the issue will be the handbag or an accessory.

With black, you won’t have to spend long hours searching or crack your brain to match your outfit. Any accessory or outfit you choose fits. It’s also same thing with white.

With an all-black or white outfit, all you need to do is get dressed and storm any meeting, party, or event you plan to attend.

The only major issue about an all-black outfit is the heat. Black absorbs heat and can make you sweat heavily on a sunny day.

White is quite the opposite. It reflects heat from the sun, while black is the opposite. That’s why wearing black outfit can make you hotter. On the flip side, black absorbs the heat from one’s body.

Better at camouflaging stains:

You’re heading to work, meeting or crucial event but decided to branch your favorite café for a cup of coffee. Surprisingly, the coffee got spilled on your gorgeous dress.

Have you ever experienced something like this? It could be at a party or somewhere else. And frankly, wearing stained clothes can be so embarrassing. Most people can misconstrue the stain on your dress.

This is why most people prefer wearing black. No matter the gravity of the stain, it won’t be that visible. Just clean with a clean cloth or wash the stained part with water and you’re good to go.

The case is different when coffee or any items mistakenly lands on a white dress. There’s no way to camouflage the stain on a white dress. The only way to avoid embarrassment is to change that dress.

Fits every skin tone:

Have you noticed that many people love wearing black outfits? Black outfits have no skin color or race barrier. They fit every skin tone. This explains why black outfits are common in people’s wardrobes. Some even have more black pair of shoes, bags, and sunglasses.

Aside from suiting every skin tone, black makes people look more mature and serious. Plus, it also gives fashionistas the chance to go wild on accessories.

Figure flattering:

Black is dull, yes. But if you want to flaunt those curves and shapes, black outfits are a wise choice. Black works for all body shapes and sizes. It makes body curves more conspicuous.

Never goes out of style:

Try wearing the black dress you bought several years ago. You’ll discover that it’s still very much in fashion. And provided the dress is still intact, it would appear trendy to people that set their eyes on you.

Furthermore, black gives you a better option to experiment with various fabrics. It also makes it difficult for people to guess a dress’ value.

So, even if you’re wearing a cheap dress, as long as it’s black, people may not know it’s cheap.


So, is black the absence of color, or is white? Black and white is not color, according to science. Black can absorb every color without reflecting any.

People associate black with good and bad things. But the bad seems to be more popular. They associate black with negativity, moodiness, sadness, mourning, sorrow, and pain. But this doesn’t mean people don’t and shouldn’t wear black outfits any longer. In the fashion world, black is standard.

Many people prefer wearing black pants, shirts, shoes and bags. It camouflages stains better than bright colors and fits every skin color.

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