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How You Can Go About Filing A Lawsuit For Accidents On Cruise Lines


California ports are getting filled with ships like the Grand Princess since the lifting of Draconian Covid-19 restrictions. Going on a cruise ship can feel incredible. Not only do you get to enjoy a fun time with your family, but you also get a chance to enjoy some of the best cuisine and drinks while taking in the fresh air of the ocean. However, you can be in special danger in cruise ship accident cases as cruise ship passengers.

Most superior cruise ship accident lawyers will offer a free consultation when you get hurt sailing on ships owned by Carnival Corporation and others, including Royal Caribbean International or the Princess Cruises Fleet, Oceania Cruises, Regent Seven Seas, etc. The cruise industry, like the pharmaceutical industry has a sordid past history or breaching their passenger ticket contract, especially when injuries occur in foreign countries.

If one of these major cruise lines crashes or the negligence of the cruise ship crewmembers leads to someone getting into an accident, passengers can file cruise ship accident claims for the trouble that they went through. The better cruise ship attorneys will provide you with a free case evaluation to understand better your rights.

And with these different types of cruise lines getting high-end lawyers to defend them, you should also hire a law firm that can provide you with the representation that you deserve. Here are the steps you should take when you know that a lawsuit must be filed within a short span of time against cruise ships.

Where You Can File Your Lawsuit Against Cruise Ships

Carnival cruise lines can often have very specific clauses about their liability towards possible damages that people could be liable for when they enter a cruise ship. So even cruise passengers on celebrity cruises are accepting that they are responsible for their own safety in case of any major injury claim. Other cruise lines will even mention explicitly mention that they are responsible for any injury unless it was due to negligence.

Therefore, you will need cruise ship accident attorneys to help file a case against cruise ship companies. Cruise ship injury attorneys also specifically represent cruise ship crewmembers and cruise ship injury victims, as cruise ship cases can often be difficult to navigate properly. Here is a better guide on how you can properly file a cruise ship lawsuit against a cruise ship company and other large cruise lines.

Typical Cruise Ship Injuries Sustained At Sea?

Fall accidents and swimming pool accidents are very common while at sea on a pleasure cruise. Whether departing from Port of Long Beach, or Miami Beach, Maritime lawyers have their hands full dealing with claims against other passengers and crew members by the injured passengers.

Types of Injuries Sufferred on Cruise Ships:

  • Back injury
  • Broken bones
  • Drowning
  • Food borne illnesses
  • Wrongful death (man overboard)
  • Rape and sexual assault.

The injured passenger will have medical bills and may have claims against third party vendors, such as those occurring on a shore excursion.

File A Lawsuit At An Experienced Law Firm

You first want to find a more experienced cruise ship attorney law firm that can take on your case. Cruise ship lawsuits as a result of cruise ship accidents often need a proper understanding of maritime law, as the cruise ship industry has some of the best lawyers to work diligently on a cruise ship injury case.

With the help of more experienced cruise ship attorneys, you can develop a strong attorney-client relationship. They will also better understand the ticket contract and what types of accidents the cruise ship can be responsible for.

Explain Your Situation Thoroughly

When you find the right law firm for your cruise ship case, the next step you want to take is to inform them about what happened. More specifically, you will want to inform them about the events that lead up to the accident and what happened afterward.

Whether you were going on carnival cruises or the princess cruise lines, you want to make sure that you are still following these specific guidelines.

State Your Case During The Free Consultation

A good law firm will often offer you a free consultation, which is where you want to be talking to them about everything that happened and why you are looking to file a lawsuit against them.

And the important thing that you should understand about your specific injury case is that it is only viable if the accident is a result of negligence. So if the cruise line’s negligence was responsible for the injury, only then will you be able to move forward with a case.

Learn What Cruise Line Accidents You Can Sue For

You will also have to learn about the different cruise line accidents that you can sue for in cruise ship injury cases. You will also need to learn about the ones that you cannot sue. So if you drank too much and then happened to trip, then you cannot sue. The same rules apply if you were not following the rules properly and happened to fall. In that instance, you will still not have a case.

Furthermore, if you are injured in an area restricted with proper signage, you cannot sue for that specific incident. In each of these incidents, the magical cruise company limited or any other cruise line doesn’t hold any responsibility for the incident. Even if you have suffered from shore excursion accidents, if it was not the result of the cruise ship’s negligence, then you do not have a case.

What About Indirect Negligence Claims?

Every accident that was the direct or indirect result of the cruise line’s negligence can be sued in district court. Even if you happen to be suing the third largest cruise line in the world, negligence is cause for a very serious lawsuit.

Some of the examples can include torn carpeting that likely caused the fall. A loose handrail made you fall down the stairs. Cruise ship accident lawyers will also point out that a Norwegian cruise line can also be held responsible for negligence from crew members, such as not putting up proper signage informing them that the location is dangerous. Same goes with infections diseases and any illness diagnosed by ship doctors. They have a duty to protect your life and limb when their team is aware of circumstances placing your life or limb in danger.

Finally, if they have a malfunctioning elevator that leads to the suffering of passengers, then you will be able to sue them for damages. Of course, these are just a handful of instances where you will not be able to take advantage of your legal options against cruise ships.

Learn About Who And Where Cruise Ship Attorneys Can Sue

Finally, following the accident, you want to make sure that you are also suing the right person for the accident. There are limitations over who and how you can sue for most people. No matter what, if you fail to file your claim within six months of being hurt onboard, you will waive your right to sue the company in charge of the vessel or fleet of vessels that caused your incident.

Florida remains famous as the cruise capital of the world. Addionally, Florida contains some of the busiest shipping and passenger ports by volume. The busiest ports include Port Miami, Port Everglades, as well as Port Canaveral. Port Miami, saw over 1,000 ships dockeda in 2017 alone. During that period, the port handled over 5.6 million passengers. As a passenger purchased their cruise ticket, they are actually “signing” a ticket contract, even if their signature is missing.

Who To Sue?

There are different people who you can sue in court for your accident. You can sue the cruise ship’s owner, the company operating the ship, the company that chartered the ship (was in California, Florida, Hawaii, etc.), or the company that was responsible for selling the ticket. When injured on a cruise, you can consult with your cruise ship lawyers about who you should aim your case at to answer any court filed lawsuit or claim you have to fight for in search of compensation.

Get The Best Representation With Help From Attorney Cruise Ship Crew Member Lawsuit Lawyers

Do you wish to seek compensation or cash in travel insurance after a slip and fall or other injury aboard a cruise ship? Hiring a dedicated law firm is vital for cruise ship accidents. When you discuss your slip, sexual assault or other issues, you will learn why where the ship sailed from is important in understanding where you can sue? Did your ship depart from Seattle, Washington? Where did you board? What does the passage contract say about jurisdiction and venue. Princess Cruises is typically sued in Los Angeles County, California (Los Angeles Superior Court, or Central District Federal Court in Los Angeles), whereas Carnival Cruise Lines is typically sued in Miami, Florida on behalf of the victim when you cannot reach an out of court settlement.

You must find maritime law lawyers that can represent you in maritime law and can ensure that you have a solid case against much bigger cruise line attorneys. You must be able to collect damages for pain and suffering, lost wages and any physical therapy prescribed by your doctor in your individual case. Cruise ship injury victims, including wounded crew members, can visit the below websites today to learn more about how to get a free consultation from the best cruise ship accident attorneys.

The best bet, is that before departing, you contact a personal injury attorney and have one on call, just in case a death or serious injury occurs to your children or a loved one during seaborne operations. The best cruise ship attorney with extensive experience will provide personal attention and take no fee unless you win your case. If they win, their fee comes from any gross recoveries when pleasure turns to pain and you have to pursue and win your injury claim.

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