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How To Change Batteries On Kwikset Lock- Instructional Guide


How To Change Batteries On Kwikset Lock

Home security and residential safety are among the top priority for any homeowner. Many of us strive to protect our property from burglars and people with ill intentions.

There have been many innovations over the years intended to improve home safety. One of these innovations is keyless lock technology. It encompasses a range of products that offer secure locking without a physical key.

Kwikset is one of the leading keyless technology brands in America and Europe. The firm is renowned for manufacturing decent locks. These locks require batteries to function.

They have complex electronic circuitry.

Like most battery-powered devices, Kwikset locks will eventually run out of power. You will need to replace the batteries to continue enjoying protection if it happens.

How To Change Batteries On Kwikset Lock

Kwikset locks require batteries to function. These batteries usually last long, but eventually, you will need to replace them. 

The procedure is relatively simple, and you do not need to hire a professional. All you need is the right tools for the job.

Step 1: Lift the terminal cover

All Kwikset devices have a terminal cover. The covers house the Kwikset battery cartridge. These covers are held together using screws. You will need to unscrew the cover and gently lift it from the device.

Do not pry the cover upward using force. There could be hidden screws, depending on your model. You should also store the screws properly, as you will need them when reassembling the unit.

Step 2: Open the cartridge

Once you have removed the terminal cover, you should spot the cartridge inside the device. The cartridge houses the batteries. In some models, you will need to unscrew the cartridge to expose the batteries.

Do not lose the screws.

Step 3: Replace the batteries

Take the old batteries out and insert the new batteries. It would help if you always chose reputable and durable batteries to don’t have to replace them regularly. It would help if you also ensured that the cells were compatible with your model.

Step 4:Install the cartridge in the terminal cover

Place the cartridge back in the terminal cover and screw it back in if required.

Step 5: Insert the terminal cover in the lock

Return the cover to the terminal and screw it back in place. Upon restoring the cover, the door light indicator should turn on. 

If the indicator does not turn on, you will need to confirm that you have installed the batteries correctly.

Step 6: Testing

Lock the door and try your combo to ensure that the batteries and the lock are working as intended.

Troubleshooting A Kwikset Keyless lock

Kwikset smart locks are normally reliable and rarely encounter any issues. These locks are ideal for homes and businesses. It helps to be prepared if you encounter problems when using your smart lock.

Here are some quick fixes:

Access code error

Step 1: Sign in to your Kwikset app on your phone.

Step 2: Select people and tap add people.

Step 3: Fill the details accordingly, providing the names of people and their codes.

Expired access code fix

Step 1: Sign in to the Kwikset app on your phone

Step 2: Select your lock

Step 3: Select the locked open

You can now access the door.

Kwikset access blocked due to too many attempts

Step 1: Wait for 60 seconds and try to unlock the door again.

Step 2: If step 1 does not work, do not panic. Use your physical key to override the system.

Step 3: If you do not have the key, unlock the door from the App on your phone.

Unable to add new codes to the keyless lock

If you cannot create additional codes, it could be a memory issue. The lock only accommodates a certain number of passwords. You should delete old passwords to create room for additional access codes.

Keypad timeout lock

After 5 seconds of inactivity, the keypad might lock.

To unlock the keypad:

Step 1: Long press the programming button, you will hear two separate beeps.

Step 2: Press 3 and ‘Kwikset’

Step 3: Enter the programming code.

Step 4: Repeat steps 2 and 3 two more times.

Why Should You Use A Keyless Lock?

The skepticism over the viability of keyless lock mechanisms has died down over the years, as people realize how functional they can be. There are many benefits to using a keyless lock over traditional locking systems.

More people embrace keyless locks as they offer a plethora of benefits that you wouldn’t get with other locking systems. Here are some of the advantages:

1. Keyless locks are convenient

How many times have you fidgeted with a bunch of keys when trying to open your door? It can be quite frustrating looking for the correct key, especially when you hurry.

You will never have to worry about looking for your keys again with keyless mechanisms. With just a few button strokes, you will easily unlock your door. Keyless mechanisms are also convenient as they are easy to install.

2. No lost keys

One of the biggest advantages of keyless locks is that you can still access your property if you lose your keys. When using the digital lock, you do not have a locksmith to break the lock.

Keyless mechanisms will free your mind, as you will not have to worry constantly about the whereabouts of your keys during the day.

3. Controlled property access

The greatest shortcoming of traditional locks is that anyone with a key can access your property. You would need to invest extra in antigen devices to assure your security. Not all locks are compatible with these antigen devices.

A lock mechanism uses a password or a biometric scanner. It, therefore, limits access to your property. With keyless locks, you do not have to worry about stolen keys.

4. Re-keying is not necessary. 

In places or businesses with high turn-over, using traditional locks means having to re-key the locks frequently. Re-keying ensures security and safety.

Re-keying is not cheap. You will need to hire a locksmith to replace the locking mechanism. It also takes time, and you have to redistribute keys frequently.

Keyless mechanisms are superior. You would need to change the password or delete old biometrics from the locking system. It is cheaper and quicker, and you don’t need to hire someone to do it for you.

5. Additional security benefits

Keyless locks have many other security benefits. Some keyless locks are compatible with smart alarm systems.

It acts as a deterrent to crooks. The lock is programmed to trigger the alarm after a certain number of failed unlocking attempts.

Some keyless locks are compatible with smart camera systems. You will see people trying to gain entry into your property through the security camera on any compatible smart device. These locks allow you to talk to people at the door through a smart speaker.

Keyless locks also shut down after a certain number of failed attempts. You can unlock them only if you enter the correct password and provide additional biometrics. They offer better protection than traditional door locks.

Disadvantages Of Using Keyless Locks

While keyless locks have many benefits, they are not entirely faultless. These locks have the following shortcomings:

1. Cost

Keyless locks are not cheap. Compared to traditional locks, they can be quite expensive. Usually, the cheaper options are not reliable.

You will need to invest in a pricy lock to guarantee your home’s safety.

2. Installation

In most cases, you will need a professional to install the locks. They can be quite complicated to install. Incorrectly installing these locks will render them useless.

3. Password theft

One of the biggest weaknesses of keyless locks is that someone can steal your credentials by simply looking over your shoulder.

Passwords can easily be stolen, especially when leaving prints or smudges on the keys. To protect your home, you must change the credentials frequently.

4. Forgotten passwords

If you forget your password, you will be unable to access your property. Resetting the password can be a long and complicated procedure. 

It would help if you always stored your password in a secure place. You can also invest in a keyless lock with a biometric scanner.

5. Batteries

Like most electronics, you will need to replace your batteries regularly. Dead batteries will make it impossible to access the system. The battery replacement costs can rack up in the long run, making keyless locks an expensive alternative.


Home security has been improving steadily throughout the years. There have been several revolutionary inventions intended to secure our homes against burglars. Such inventions include smart doorbells, home CCTVs, smart lock devices, and keyless lock devices.

Kwikset makes some of the leading keyless lock devices in the market.

The firm has a wide range of keyless lock accessories that homeowners can enjoy. It is quite popular in America and Europe.

The article guides you on how to replace your Kwikset lock to continue enjoying the security benefits it provides.

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