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Feeding Aids For The Elderly And Disabled  


Feeding Aids For The Elderly And Disabled 

Whether you’re aging and losing your oral health or have a physical disability, eating and drinking aids may help. Using a knife, fork, or spoon to feed oneself might be difficult without support. The act may hamper independence, self-image, and confidence even with help. With help from a few eating and drinking aids, everyone may enjoy a stress-free dinner. Here are the six best tools available from Avacare Medical to help disabled and elderly people eat and drink.

Aids For Eating

Plates are meant to let you eat without trouble or aggravation. A food guard clamps to the plate to keep food in place while allowing you to use whichever utensils you choose. Scoop dishes have a recess for your utensils and bend upwards to provide a protective barrier. Similar scooped dishes are perfect for soups, stews, and other spill-prone meals.

Bibs And Clothing Protectors For Adults

There are two types of adult bibs: clothes protectors and bibs, which may be either reusable or disposable. Disposable bibs should be absorbent, leak-proof, and waterproof. Look for bibs that include a peel-and-stick strip. Bibs that may be reused must be well-stitched and absorbent. High-quality reusable bibs should be waterproof and have snap buttons or Velcro that make them easy to open and close.

Specialized Cups, Glasses, And Beakers

You can always find a cup, glass, or tumbler to match your needs, whether you want a coffee substitute that won’t spill or a glass that will keep you stable while you drink. Even if you have weak coordination, nosey cups or glasses enable you to drink. For individuals who are elderly and patients with disabilities, non-spill cups (adult sippy cups) with spouts or straws are available. These two-handed mugs help folks who have difficulty with more than just drinking.

Specialized Cutlery Aids

There’s a remedy if you can’t correctly grasp a knife, fork, or spoon. Various cutlery aids are available. From angled knives, forks, and spoons to larger coated silverware, there are always alternatives to pick from. Those patients who have pain or shaking problems would appreciate lightweight, coated silverware. Weighted utensils are another alternative for those with weak hand control.

Handles and Grips

Detachable handles and grips are as simple to add to glasses, cups, and beakers as a straw, spill-proof lid, or spout. Handles and gripping mechanisms are seen on plates, flatware, cups, beakers, and glasses. Most grips and steadying attachments are universally compatible.

Straws & Hydration Assistance

You may hydrate yourself in addition to providing drinking aid to the elderly and those with disabilities. Clip-on straws are convenient to use, especially for those with hand-eye coordination. Try thermo-regulated lids with a straw or spout that attaches to any cup or beaker. Plastic hydration containers with straws are more specialized choices. If you have a complete solution with a long straw, you can always get fluids, even if they taste bad or are hard to drink.


If you need eating and drinking support for disabled or elderly patients in your care, don’t feel insecure or abandoned. If you or a loved one has trouble eating and drinking, you can find a solution at Avacare Medical that will help you or your loved one enjoy life and take care of themselves again.

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