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Do CS:GO Skins Improve Gameplay?


Do CS GO Skins Improve Gameplay

On August 14, 2013, the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game got a significant update, Arms Deal, which brought collections with various “skins” for weapons into the game. This innovation turned the entire gaming industry upside down, as well as greatly increased the game’s popularity. Each player wanted to get the coolest “Factory New” skins (we’ll explain that below), which can be very expensive!

There are many possibilities to get the new skins – play the game for weekly drops, get from the Steam group, take part in giveaways, get from trusted websites like this one — https://bloodycase.com/skin-upgrade.

Here, we want to tell you in more detail why you may need CS:GO skins and what skin quality categories are there.

What Are Skins In CS:GO For?

In fact, skins in CS:GO are 3D models that replace the standard weapon appearance, or, to be exact, make their appearance unique. At the same time, such items perform a purely aesthetic function and do not in any way affect the characteristics of the equipment, and do not give real advantages during the game. Nevertheless, skins are very popular with fans who are ready to pay a lot of money for the good and exclusive one.

Why you may need to buy skins? There may be many reasons for that: some buy them just to have more fun in the game, some exchange skins with other gamers, and others use them to sell them on special websites to get some extra money.

So, here are all the possible reasons you may need to buy/get CS:GO skins:

  • bringing some variety to the gameplay, making it even more enjoyable. Eye-catching, exclusive skins help to emphasize their player’s status and give his character some unique traits, allowing him to express his personal style preferences;
  • gaining the opportunity to better get used to the image of the character, increasing the interest of users. This, in turn, leads to a significant increase in online traffic when the new sets of equipment are released;
  • providing a chance to become the leader of the game;
  • gaining respect from other users and the ability to get acquainted with like-minded people and even make friends;
  • getting a lot of positive comments in the profile;
  • gaining the ability to sell skin and earn a lot of money: for example, the standard AWP sniper rifle model will have absolutely the same characteristics as one of the most expensive skins — AWP Dragon Lore, which can cost up to two thousand dollars. 

Also, skins are collectibles that create a kind of in-game economy and are a source of stable additional income both for Valve and skin creators. 

There is another important benefit that you should consider: some skins are equipped with a kill count feature, made possible by StatTrack technology. Such items are considered very rare, and they can help you to demonstrate your achievements to other players!

Skin Float Value

Not all newbies know that, for example, a “Factory New” USP-S Cyrex will cost more than the same “Battle-Scarred” pistol.

Why is that? And what is this skin quality everyone is so concerned about? It’s all about the “skin float” term, which is linked with the quality of skins!

Thus, there are several categories of wear and tear level of skins:

  • Factory New. These skins have a float value of 0 to 0.07 and look as if they just arrived from the factory. You may notice some very minor scratches on the weapon surface, but overall, each Factory New skin looks as perfect as possible!
  • Minimal Wear. These skins have a float value of 0.07 to 0.15. There are several scratches on such items, but, in general, they are very similar to the items of the previous category.
  • Field-Tested items have a float value of 0.15 to 0.38. Typically, Field-Tested skins have quite a few noticeable scratches, and in some cases, large spots covering 2-10% of the weapon’s body. One of the advantages of these skins is their price. However, due to the lower quality, the demand for such weapons may be lower. Usually, this parameter will reduce the price to 50-90% of the cost of the “Minimal Wear” skin.
  • Well-Worn. These skins have a float value of 0.38 to 0.45. Visually, they do not look very attractive: sometimes, 50% of the skin image is erased. As for the price, it is not much different from that of Field-Tested skins.
  • Battle-Scarred skins have a float value of 0.45 to 1. These skins have a lot of abrasions and incomplete texture. Usually, these are the cheapest items.

When it comes to quality, the best choice, in our opinion, is “Field-Tested” items. Skins with this quality retain the most accurate skin pattern and, unlike Minimal Wear and Factory New, are quite inexpensive. If you can find a skin with a minimum float value of 0.15, visually it will look no worse than the “Minimal Wear” item, but it costs much less!

Does the quality of a skin change depend on the amount of time you use it in battle? No, each object is assigned its float value from the start, and it doesn’t change.

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