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5 Creative Ways To Advertise Your Business


Even the best business ideas can struggle without good advertising. Here are a few creative ways to help get your company name out there without spending a ton of money on expensive advertising options like commercials or billboards.

Branded Hats

One of the best methods of raising awareness about your company is to put your name on something people want to use consistently. Hats are a great option to do this without breaking the bank. If you make a hat people want to wear, they’ll advertise for you. 

But how? You can order wholesale custom hatsbranded with your company logo or name – just be sure to make it look aesthetically pleasing. If your logo is slightly bland, you can stylize it to make it more appealing. However, it’s important to be recognizable. If you opt for a stylized logo, keep certain aspects like colors and proportions consistent.  

Custom T-Shirts

T-shirts are another great way to garner name recognition. You see it constantly with major brands like Hollister, Aeropostale, Nike, and Adidas. They are so recognizable, partly because they put their name or logo on every piece of merchandise they sell. 

Shirts are relatively inexpensive – especially if you buy them in bulk. You can give them out at events, as part of a promotion, or even as a free gift to reward customer loyalty. Who doesn’t love a free shirt?

Canvas Tote Bags

Canvas tote bags or purses are the creme de la creme of advertising gear. They are less common than hats and shirts, but the novelty makes them more valuable – and customers like value. Totes are great multi-purpose bags, so they tend to get a lot of use. Grocery bags, school bags, gym bags – a bag with your brand on it will be seen by many people.

Totes are also cheap, both easy to produce and decorate. They can be printed with almost any design, so you have a lot of latitude to make your name or logo aesthetically appealing.  

Pencils And Pens

Pencils and pens are another great option for advertising. They are inexpensive, last a long time, and can travel far. You reach one more potential customer whenever someone borrows or finds a pen with your branding. 

Decorated Notepads

Notepads are another popular – and subtle – way to get your name out there. Notepads are a common item in the home and office that doesn’t get much notice but does get a lot of use. Branded notepads get people thinking about your company, even if they don’t realize it. 

Final Thoughts

Advertising doesn’t have to break the bank. You don’t need fancy billboards or expensive commercials to get your name out there, although they’re helpful. Using branded merchandise like hats, shirts, and tote bags can help your company name reach a wider audience than you could reach with traditional advertising methods alone. 

Branded pens, pencils, and stationery are all good options, lasting a long time and are cheap to manufacture and purchase. Ready to get your name out there? You’ve got this!

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