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10 Construction Trades You Could Pursue In North Carolina


Construction Trades You Could Pursue In North Carolina

What is your ideal career path? Do you like to help people with their health needs? Are you interested in retail? Would you rather work with your hands in a construction trade? The construction industry is one that sees consistent growth each year, so it provides a steady supply of job openings. 

In fact, the current workforce in construction skews older. A large percentage are over 55, which means there will be a huge retirement population leaving the workforce for the next decade. As a result, many general contractors and construction brands will be searching for professionals to fill their ranks. 

In North Carolina, young students and adults seeking new careers can both achieve their professional aspirations in construction. Here are ten construction trades that are valuable skills you could use to earn a good salary. 


Almost every commercial and residential building uses water in some capacity. That means pipes are present all over the state. Taking care of plumbing systems that include pipes, water fixtures, drains, and even some appliances. If you learn plumbing skills, you can help both homeowners and commercial property owners while also gaining practical skills for your own house. 


If you like to build structures, then carpentry might be the discipline for you. This trade involves the cutting, shaping, and assembly of building materials to create structures, whether they are buildings, bridges, or even ships. Primarily, carpenters work with wood, though other materials can also be involved. 


If you prefer working with alternate building materials such as brick, stone, concrete, or similar substances, then a career as a masonry worker would be perfect. This can include assembling block walls, brick walls, or building foundations. It is a vital skill for the construction industry, so finding jobs should not be difficult in most North Carolina markets. 

Electrical Systems

We all depend on electricity to survive in 2023. It powers everything from our lights to our infrastructure to our devices. Every building is a complex network of wiring, outlets, breakers, and other electrical components that require expertise to manage. Electricians have highly marketable skills, repairing and inspecting electrical systems for both residences and commercial buildings. 

Solar Panels

Green energy is a popular trend for homeowners and commercial properties. It is one way for homeowners to lower their utility costs while leaving a smaller carbon footprint. Solar panels are still a newer technology, which means it takes a lot of knowledge to install and maintain them. Becoming a solar panel installer is a job that will likely pay big dividends in the future as North Carolina properties seek out cleaner energy.


A welder is a professional who specializes in fusing materials together. Learning to weld involves a lot of precision and good hand-eye coordination. Generally, the materials you will work with include steel, aluminum, brass, and polymer. You could help fuse together massive beams for large buildings or small components in a household appliance. 


Roofs are crucial components for buildings. They protect the interiors from the elements. Homeowners and commercial owners alike rely on the skills of roofers to install new materials that will keep the buildings insulated and protected from the weather. Current trends in roofing include metal roofs and solar roofs.


People often need help taking care of their property exteriors. Landscaping can involve many aspects, such as mowing, trimming hedges, aerating lawns, installing structures, leveling ground, digging for foundations, and more. It could also include tree removal. If you like to work outside to help owners increase curb appeal, then landscaping is the way to go. 

Iron Work

Ironworkers are critical to the structure of large buildings, especially since iron is one of the most common structural materials used. In this field, you will help assemble the framework of buildings based on specific design instructions. You may also help repair damaged materials with reinforced concrete or iron pieces. 

General Contractor

If you want to manage other construction workers, then you could become a general contractor. To do so, you will need to have years of experience in an industry position. You will also have to study for the NC general contractor license exam, and you may need some business/management classes under your belt as well. 

Construction Is A Viable Career Path In North Carolina

Pursuing a trade is a great financial decision. Whether you attend a trade school or apply for an apprenticeship, the cost of education before earning an income is much lower than most other disciplines. Instead of a four-year education program, you could be earning a good salary within two years of starting your journey. Since the construction industry is fairly consistent with growth, your job security will likely be strong in most markets. 

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