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Saving On Utilities With Your Custom Home In Toronto


Toronto is a thriving market for potential home buyers. There are numerous areas to live in around the city, each of which features plenty of residential properties to turn into your next home. If you are looking to move to Toronto for the first time or simply relocate within the area, you will be spoilt for choice.

However, some buyers are not interested in purchasing houses that already exist. They want to create something that fits their exact vision of a dream home. This is when the custom home building becomes relevant. A custom home, while it will take longer to construct and can be more expensive than a house that already exists, gives buyers the chance to customize every element of the home.

Since this can be an expensive endeavor, homeowners should look for ways to save money in the future as they are designing their builds with architects and builders. If you hope to save on utilities to help make up for the cost of customization, here are a few features you could include in your custom home in Toronto.

Solar Panels

Solar energy is becoming more efficient every year. The history of solar panels is a fascinating one, and now you can invest in personal solar panels to install on the roof of your home. Taking advantage of solar energy can reduce your electricity costs as you generate much of your power right on the property rather than relying heavily on public grids. Additionally, tax incentives may be available to homeowners that include solar panels in their plans. Over time, these energy investments can pay for themselves and keep more money in your bank account.

Appliance Selection

Part of what turns your house into a home is the amenities. Appliances like dishwashers, refrigerators, ovens, washing machines, and microwaves can use a lot of power and water to run. As you make your appliance selections for your custom home, look for options that have higher Energy star ratings. These appliances require less electricity to run and the power they do require is used more efficiently. Plus, machines that use water can make better use of a smaller volume, resulting in a lower water bill as well. 

Natural Lighting

While light fixtures may not use a ton of power on their own, continued use can add up when your electric bill is due. However, if you took full advantage of natural daylight, you won’t have to rely on these fixtures to keep your home well-lit. When designing the model with your custom home builder, talk through the options for larger windows or skylights that can let more sunlight in during the day. When you think about decorating the inside, consider how glass and mirrors can reflect this natural light and reduce your need for light fixture use even more. 

Consider Landscaping

One aspect of custom home building that many buyers forget about is how to take advantage of the landscaping. For example, trees near the home on the sun-facing side of the building can help cool a house in the summer by providing shade. Well-placed hedges or shrubbery can block the winds that blast the home with cool air in the winter. Think about window placement and how it will be affected by the trees close to your home. The right landscaping features, whether they are present before your build or put in later, can reduce your energy costs by helping maintain interior temperatures.

Smart Thermostats

One of the simplest ways to reduce your utility bills is to incorporate a smart thermostat system in your custom home. Smart thermostats give you more control over the temperatures in your home. They can be set with timers to minimize heating and cooling when it is unnecessary. Some models can even adjust to your habits through machine learning. It is also possible to control these smart thermostats from your phone, even if you are not near the property. A more efficient way to operate the heating and cooling systems in your home will eliminate wasted energy and lower monthly bills. 


Insulation is key to a comfortable home environment. Efficient windows and doors, foam insulation in the attic and basement, and other strategies can seal up the home and maintain temperatures more consistently. Since you are constructing the home from the ground up, it should be fairly easy to install proper insulation methods throughout the house to save on your energy bills going forward.

The ability to create an energy-efficient home in Toronto is one of the main advantages of paying for a custom build rather than a house that already exists. You never know what maintenance issues may crop up suddenly in a previously-built home, some of which could cause significant financial losses. With a custom build, you have more control over the efficiency of the building and the features that result in utility savings. 

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