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5 Things to Know About 3D Glasses


5 Things to Know About 3D GlassesThe impression created by 3D glasses is made possible by a 3D system used to limit the amount of light that gets to the eyes. By so doing, an illusion of a 3-dimensional image is created. There are two images projected and superimposed onto a screen using polarizing filters.

The viewer puts on eyeglasses that have different polarizing filters, and the image is created in 3D using the filtering process that can either use light or color. To understand more about this, you need to get some more facts about 3D glasses, how they have evolved, and how they work.

1. Anaglyph 3D glasses

These are typical 3D glasses that typify how 3D glasses work. The glasses utilize red and cyan lenses to create the required 3D image. Through color filtering, an image is produced. One lens filters the cyan out while the other lens filters the red out, creating the illusion of a 3D image. Therefore, the image you observe is a similar image that is projected from 2 dissimilar angles. The superimposed images create this illusion.

2. Polarized 3D glasses

When every filter goes through the light that is polarized, it blocks the light polarized in a different direction. Therefore, each eye views dissimilar images, and the three-dimension effect is created by projecting the same scene to the viewer from different perspectives. Since the image is projected away from the viewers and at a distance, more than one person can view the three-dimensional image.

3. Advanced shutter 3D glasses

As opposed to the polarized 3D lenses discussed above which have been in use since 1922, the shutter 3D glasses are used today. Anaglyph 3D and Polarized 3D glasses make use of passive 3D. However, shutter 3D glasses are more advanced and use active 3D.

These advanced 3D glasses do not use color or image in the creation of the 3D effect. They operate via LCD screen technology that helps darken both lens and keep alternating from left to right. The speed at which the alternation happens is fast enough, and you will not notice the effects.

4. Additional features

The shutter 3D glasses are also battery powered and support the use of a USB. Therefore, they are more expensive than traditional 3D glasses. Naturally, it is the cost of these modern glasses that determine the image quality.
To get the best quality image for 3D movie viewing, you want to use the shutter 3D glasses. They are available in various brands that include Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, and other products.

5. Eyes determine how well 3D glasses work

The manner with which your eyes and your brain connect to create sight is what enables 3D glasses to function. Your eyes provide binocular vision when used simultaneously. The binocular vision provides a depth perception when you look at something.

For binocular vision to work, the space between your eyes is the primary determinant, and it enables different perspectives as you view the same object. Considering the 2 inches between your eyes, the two images perceived by each eye are merged into one to complete this picture. Therefore, that is how you view the image from a 3D perspective.

It is clear that the anaglyph and polarized 3D lens provide 3D effects but do not have the quality of the shutter 3D glass. Therefore, based on what experience you require when viewing a movie or images, you can choose from the above list.


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