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5 Great Reasons to Buy Reloading Brass


5 Great Reasons to Buy Reloading BrassThere are different reasons as to why one would choose to reload brass over purchasing brand new bullets. Hunters and hobbyists and in general would probably prefer to use reloaded brass. Here are five benefits of using reloaded brass instead of regular brand new bullets you can find in a regular brick and mortar store.
Cut Down on Ammo Costs
Reloading brass is a very cost-efficient method of shooting. You can typically save as much as 50% on cost, depending on what caliber you’re reloading. Since a used cartridge can be recycled many, many times (up to 15, in some cases) the thriftiness of using reloaded brass is enhanced even more.
Shooting is not cheap, whatsoever – the cost of ammunition can really add up. Whether you just like to go to the range or you like to go hunting to stock up your freezer in the wintertime it is not a cheap hobby. Individual bullets may not cost very much, but just about every shooter will go through a lot of them, and the cost adds up very quickly. Using once fired components will minimize the cost of shooting, so every frequent shooter should consider doing so.
For Better Accuracy
Bullets made in a factory can’t offer simply can’t offer any sort of accuracy that you can achieve with that of reloaded brass. With reloaded brass (especially if you are making it yourself) you can calibrate your own cartridges to ensure a better and more accurate shot. This means that the bullets would weigh more equal. This precision can help especially with hunting and long distance shots.
Greater Consistency
Users who need to shoot in groupings of two or fewer inches reliably would no doubt prefer to work with reloaded brass over factory ammo. That’s because factory bullets have been shown to be inadequate at shooting tight groupings routinely.
To Prepare For Shortages
At various times throughout the years, there seems to be either an ammunition shortage panic or talk of prices skyrocketing even more. Eventually, the talk dies down, and things go back to normal. But, one day something might actually happen and we there may be a true shortage. Or, maybe a real zombie apocalypse will be here and we will need to know what to do for ammunition. If you take the time to stock up on reloading supplies before a widespread ammunition shortage and its accompanying price hikes, you can enjoy the convenience of being able to shoot whenever you like. On the other hand, if you aren’t prepared with supplies on hand, it might be challenging to find reloading ammunition and supplies if the time comes.
More Time at the Range
Since you will be saving so much money with your refired brass, you can afford to shoot more. Since you can afford to shoot more, you will be able to relax and spend more time at the range improving your accuracy and letting off some steam at the end of a long day.


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