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5 Hair Color Trends for the Winter


5 Hair Color Trends for the WinterWintertime becomes a hair color forecaster, allowing women everywhere to make some epic changes or subtle tweaks to their current hairstyles. The temperatures begin to drop, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick with a fading or flat shade or one that looks out of place for the winter months ahead. Color experts are excited to announce some of the fabulous trends that are turning up the sizzle.

1. Creamy Blonde. Top beauty magazines are predicting a good-bye to the ice princess, cool look. Instead, it’s time to warm up and be blonde with buttery notes and a multi-dimensional hue that is soft with layers of baby blonde strands throughout. Jennifer Lopez has been rocking the creamy blonde shade during recent red carpet appearances.

2. Dark Aubergine. For those ladies who have darkest brown to black tresses, it is often challenging to create depth with such a strong shade. One of the standouts this winter season is the eggplant hue or dark aubergine. The color can be delicately woven through the hair to highlight and add a whisper of violet beauty to a dark mane. If you thought that only blondes can have fun with color, you would be wrong. Even inky shades can benefit from a colorful plum enhancement.

3. Rooty Balayage. Sun-kissed, low-maintenance locks are something many of us desire, and wintertime is ideal for trying out this pretty trend. Stars like Miley Cyrus and Serena Williams have been playing around with this shade already this autumn. Your hair colorist can help you achieve the look by leaving your roots natural or melting your highlights with a root melt to get that awesome gradient color.

4. Dip-Dyed Ends. Runway style experts say that the vibrant dip-dyed ends trend is back front and center this winter. You don’t have to commit to an all over the head transformation, but if your hair is not light enough, you will have to bleach the ends before dyeing it your desired pastel shade.

5. Rich Mahogany. Reddish-brown is a nice, warm shade that suits both cool and warm skin undertones. It’s a hot dye for winter that has a richness and complements any eye color, too. Zendaya plays with hair color often and has been seen sporting the look. Red color fades the quickest, but many women say the maintenance to cancel out the brassiness is well worth it.

Winter is a great season for adding depth and richness to your hair no matter your age. It’s a fun time of year to bring warmth and glamour to a cooler time of year. Baby, it’s cold outside, but try out a new shade, and run with it.


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