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3 Types of Events to Host at Your Shooting Range


3 Types of Events to Host at Your Shooting RangeHosting an event at your gun range can be a great way to bring in new business. There are many different types of events that you can host. Let’s take a further look at a few of these.


  1. Fundraiser – Hosting a fundraiser at your gun range can raise money while providing a fun activity. There are different ways that you can raise money for your cause such as: selling entry tickets, selling refreshments, accepting monetary donations, holding a raffle, or having a silent auction with items that have been donated from local businesses.


  1. Safety or Instructional Classes – Proper use of a gun and gun safety is of great importance. People often look for classes to instruct on proper gun usage and safety, classes on how-to clean and store a gun, and there are those that would like instruction in order to obtain their concealed carry license. Offering classes at your shooting range led by a qualified instructor not only benefits the community by way of education, but it also helps to introduce your business to the community. More often than not a person who takes classes or receives their concealed carry permit are looking for somewhere to practice their skills. By holding classes at your range, it is a great way to get long-term customers.


  1. Bachelor or Bachelorette Parties – More and more grooms-to-be and brides-to-be are looking for something different and unique for their bachelor/bachelorette They are getting away from the bar and party scene, and are branching out for a unique experience. Going to the shooting range is a fun experience that is out of the ordinary, and would be perfect for a bachelor/bachelorette party. Offering an event package catered to those getting married could benefit your business.



Be sure to market the events that are being hosted at your gun range. The use of social media whether it be Facebook or Twitter, putting an ad in the newspaper, having a company website with an events page, or handing out fliers are a great way to spread the word. Advertising in different ways will help to increase the turnout to your event.


Hosting different types of events whether they are large or small will benefit the community as well as your business. There are a lot of different types of events that you can host at your shooting range – whether you brainstorm them on your own or get suggestions from customers.


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