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Why Is It Profitable To Buy Villas In Dubai


Why Is It Profitable To Buy Villas In Dubai

Dubai offers a variety of housing options for those looking to invest in the emirate’s real estate market. In addition to apartments, villa for sale by the sea in Dubai offers a fairly high return on investment percentage, at 4.5% – 6%.

Villas in Dubai have always been in high demand among large families. Still, after the long lockdowns associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for this type of property has increased significantly. This is directly related to the villas having more spacious areas and additional space that can be converted into an office or other needs. In addition, most of the villas in Dubai have a backyard (garden or terrace) and a swimming pool, which allows you to spend more time outdoors.

Whether you are considering buying a ready-made property or off-plan, both options have pros and cons. For example, buying a ready-made villa will be more expensive than off-plan real estate, but you can either immediately move into it or start renting it out. On the other hand, villas under construction have convenient payment schemes from the developer, which helps to reduce the financial burden. In addition, the sale price is lower than in the secondary market and only grows as the construction is completed.

Villas For Sale In Dubai

Almost all houses – villas, townhouses, and duplexes belong to closed communities like Arabian Ranches, Cherrywoods, and DAMAC Hills, where residents of residences are offered a full range of services, a spacious private area with parks, jogging and bike paths, swimming pools, playgrounds, etc.

This allows you to achieve complete privacy but at the same time live in the central districts of Dubai.

Such communities are found along the principal roads, and the time to travel to the airport or the center of the emirate – Downtown Dubai, does not take more than 40 minutes. This allows the owners to live in quiet residential areas near all the necessary infrastructure – academies, medical establishments, shopping centers, etc.

Who Can Buy A Villa In Dubai, And How To Do It?

The Dubai real estate market is open to people of all nationalities, including locals and international investors. In 2000, a law was passed allowing foreigners to acquire full ownership of villas and apartments for sale in Dubai in certain areas of the emirate. These areas include Palm Jumeirah, Emirates Hills, Arabian Ranches, etc.

All villas listed on the site belong to the Freehold zone, which means the right to a full purchase.

Now buying any type of property in Dubai is possible online, which makes such an acquisition even more profitable if you are buying a house for investment purposes. 

Features Of Choice

Choosing a decent option should be related not only to where to purchase and how it looks. The actuality is that real estate in Dubai from architects is popular on the market, and buying a villa in Dubai with an amazing view, a private beach, a personal pool, a leafy garden, and other essential attributes takes a lot of work. 

When choosing an expensive villa, remember that in Dubai, paying attention to the next points is essential:

  1. Area. If there is a lot of vegetation around or, contrarily, seaside areas, be certain to request who is liable for their care and the maintenance price per square meter. The control organization must observe solitude and cleanliness, the quality of assistance, and the absence of strangers on the territory, and have a crisis number and case regulations for living in the area. Dubai has family spaces, party rooms, and visitor areas. It is important to make the correct preference to sidestep regret.
  2. Scenery from the window. Believe how many hours you desire to spend in the sun and whether the villa has a personal coast, clubhouse, and assistance. Find out if villas near yours are available for short-term rentals when the neighbors come for a visit. The clients select cottages and flats in Dubai with sea views among all the opportunities. Living near the sea is great, and this connects with a villa’s cost.
  3. The number of rooms and total area. These parameters are set depending on whether you want to have a villa for enduring residence with your family, meeting visitors, or choices for space per person. The portfolios range from small 3 bedrooms to welcoming 8-bedroom suites with parking, a garden, a cinema, a lounge, a spa, and more.
  4. The presence of a swimming pool. A villa without a pool is money down the drain. This is what some of the customers say. The average pool supervision price is AED 500/month or AED 4,000 per year. Also, don’t forget that then if you desire to chill the water in the summer when the sun heats up the water a lot, it will cost you about 15,000 – 20,000 AED (for a little/medium size pool).
  5. Availability of parking spaces. The villa needs to have at least two parking spaces with automatically closing gates.
  6. Rooms for servants. It is important to consider that for the villa, and you will need to have housekeeping staff. If a gardener and a pool cleaner can be negotiated for weekly/monthly maintenance, then the servants for cooking and cleaning should preferably live either in the villa or nearby.

Of course, choosing a villa is a real journey, and it is vital to select the proper guide, as the list of nuances of choice can be very long. 

Property In Dubai

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