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Dubai Marina vs. Downtown Dubai: Where Should You Buy A Flat?


Dubai Marina vs. Downtown Dubai

Dubai is the world’s most famous and loved location for luxury visitations. Unlike the Bahamas and Italy where you could easily lounge in beachy areas or some of the Venice-cornered hotels, Dubai is wholly artificial – proof that humans can create absolute beauty when they mimic nature.

Known as a famous and lovely location, home to some of the premium and finest relaxation centers, and privy to the tallest and most mesmerizing buildings, and so much more, Dubai is the fancy of many. It would not be out of place to even regard Dubai as one of the wonders of the world! To check out which property to buy in Downtown Dubai or Dubai Marina, read this article.

Dubai Is One Of The Wonders Of The World – No Hyperbole Intended 

Many people know they want to own property in Dubai, but what, most importantly, WHERE? According to Ax Capital, choosing the right location to purchase property in Dubai is one of the industry secrets for a definite return on Investment. Although the whole of Dubai is a real estate gold mine, some areas are more favored than others. This favoritism may result from the price or cost of living in the area, location to prime places around, the nature of apartments and their quality in the area, diverse options of buildings, and the community life present there. This article will now discuss these pristine qualities and advise where to buy a flat, whether in Dubai Marina or in Downtown Dubai.

Factors People Consider In Deciding Where To Buy Property In Dubai 

The price or cost of living in the areas cost of living in Dubai is generally higher than average. Compared to the cost of living in other areas in the UAE, it even appears to be higher than necessary. If you are looking forward to buying a flat in Dubai and cannot decide where it should be, please consider how much it costs on average to live in the area. For example, the cost of living in Dubai Marina is slightly higher than in Downtown Dubai, although both places are lovely and hospitable to live in. Also, the price of rentals may differ in certain areas, and this is a frontier consideration for those who intend to rent for residential purposes. No one wants to pay more than necessary unless the quality of the apartment is indeed worth it (find more information on the subject of quality below).

Proximity to prime places around

Next up is the significance of location or the siting of the area. Dubai is not so much of a small city, so some of the choicest places are far apart. Living in, renting, or buying property in places close to the city’s prime spots is a major perk. As such, people often consider the proximity of the area to critical sites and fun locations. Luckily, the two areas under review in this article, Dubai Marina and Downtown Dubai, have great proximity to some city centers and some of the most prominent places in town. For example, the Dubai Marina is close to nice hotels such as the Grovernor’s House, Le Varda Suites, and Le Royal Meridien Beach Resorts. It also has access to lovely tower buildings and sits right in front of the Jumeirah Lakes Towers and the Palm Jumeirah. Downtown Dubai, on the other hand, is home to the legendary Burj Khalifa and the Residences, the famous Dubai Mall, the Souk Al Bahar, and a handful of relaxation spots.

The nature of apartments and their quality in the area

Another factor that people consider before choosing a location to buy flats in Dubai, is the quality of apartments in the area. In Dubai, you can have an average home (although this average is premium designs for many homes in other countries), which is often affordable and does not deep a hole in one’s pocket. Alternatively, you can have a luxurious apartment with more amenities than you need and premium facilities. For people vacationing, the trendier, more recent, and more luxurious it is, the fancier it becomes. So, we find the most fashionable apartments being patronized by visitors and the more affordable ones by residents. In Dubai Downtown, some of the most fashionable apartments are in; the Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Nujoom, The Residences, and Sky View Towers. Meanwhile, the fanciest apartments in Dubai Marina are in DEC Tower, Marina Pinnacle, Manchester Tower, and Marina Diamonds. 

The community life that is present there

Last but not least is the variety of options of buildings available and the community life in the area. Some people want to live in areas with villas and high-rise buildings. Still, some prefer towers, so the variety of options for facilities entirely depends on you and your preferences. In community life, however, people look out for the availability of schools, hospitals, or clinics. People also look for accessibility to the major roads, transportation options, and whether there are significant malls for shopping around. The Dubai Marina Metro Station serves the public and eases movement in the area, while the Burj Khalifa metro station performs the same function in Downtown Marina. There is an option for Taxi rides, and private car owners can easily navigate the roads in the area.

Have you found lovely apartments or flats for sale in both the Dubai Marina and Downtown Dubai, and you are unsure which to choose? Read on for constructive advice.

Dubai Marina Vs. Downtown Dubai 

Overall, both the Dubai Marina and Downtown Dubai are great places to live and own properties. Before you choose where to buy a flat between these two locations, please first weigh the properties in the market. Both sites are great and spot-on for residential, rental, or lease purposes. It is vital that you do not allow your doggedness to live in one area to prevent you from buying property in the other where there is a better offer and more opportunity for a comfortable life/ amenity. 

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