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Why Does The Phone Hang Up After 4 Hours?


Why Does The Phone Hang Up After 4 Hours

Have you ever had a phone call that was cut off after 4 hours? You are talking on the phone with someone, and after 4 hours, they hang up without warning. This can be really frustrating, especially if you were in the middle of a good conversation. 

When most people get off the phone with friends or colleagues, they always say “bye” at least once or twice to avoid any sudden disconnects. What do you think is going on? In this blog post, we will cover the reasons why the phone hangs up after four hours.

Why Does The Phone Hang Up After 4 Hours?

Phones that hang up after four hours are programmed to do so. This is often done by many different carriers around the world, as they may find this feature useful for their customers’ needs at one point or another.

It can also be set in place if it appears someone has been talking on the phone too much within a day, which could lead to an extremely high phone bill. This is why if a person continues talking after four hours on their cell phone, it will disconnect the call for them.

In short, the phone hangs up after 4 hours for these reasons:

  • Preventing high phone bills
  • Preventing excessive talk time
  • Convenience for carriers and telecom companies

This feature can be beneficial in some ways by preventing people from excessive talk time or getting charged more than they should for a conversation on their mobile devices. 

However, some people may find this feature irritating or inconvenient since it disconnects calls when a conversation has been going on for too long. In those cases, it is usually possible to disable this feature on the phone.

Why Does My Call Fail After 4 Hours On iPhone?

There are many reasons why you may receive the call fail error message after waiting for four hours on your iPhone. The most common cause is that there isn’t enough cellular data or Wi-Fi connection to support the phone call. 

If you only have one wireless signal bar, it can prevent an incoming call from connecting successfully while causing other apps to behave erratically. Another reason why you may be experiencing a phone hang-up error message is that your iPhone is trying to switch from Wi-Fi to cellular data when the call comes in. 

Still, there isn’t enough financial coverage on the cellular network for completing this process, or it’s taking longer than expected. You can avoid this by ensuring your iPhone cellular data is turned on for every Wi-Fi connection from the Cellular Data section of Settings or by adding a calling app like Skype or ooVoo with low rates to contacts you call frequently.

If none of these reasons seems fitting, think about whether your carrier recently made any changes in their routing systems and if your phone is trying to connect via a different signal. 

You may also want to make sure your SIM card has been activated by inserting it into another device and making a call, as well as checking the settings of your carrier from the main menu in Settings under Cellular Data. If you’re still having trouble with incoming calls after four hours on iPhone, you may want to contact your carrier or Apple support for more help.

Do iPhones Hang After 4 Hours?

Phones do not usually hang; they freeze. However, iPhones do not necessarily hang after 4 hours. If the phone is hanging or you can’t use it because the screen has frozen up, there are many ways to fix this problem. 

The following directions will work for most people who have an iPhone and want to know why their iPhone hangs after four hours. Phone freezes most often when it is overheated, the battery has died, or there has been a software update that causes problems with your phone’s ability to function correctly. Fixing this problem depends on why the phone hangs in the first place.

If you think your iPhone might be frozen, try the following steps:

  • Turn your phone off and back on. This is usually all you need to do if your iPhone hangs because of a software issue or overheating problem. If this does not work, try the next step in the list instead.
  • If turning it off and back on does not get rid of the problem, try to reset your device. Hold down the sleep button until you see ‘slide to power off, then slide that bar across to turn it completely off.
  • Next, hold down the sleep button again until you see the ‘apple logo.’ You may have to wait a while for this step. It is ok if your phone takes 20 minutes or more to get here.
  • If turning it off and back on does not work, try plugging your iPhone into its charger and letting it charge for about an hour.
  • If that does not work, try plugging your phone into the computer you used to sync it and let it charge for a while (at least 15 minutes). This sometimes works if there is some kind of software issue or glitch on your iPhone, preventing it from charging itself properly after the battery dies.

If these steps do not work, you can try to reset your phone again. This time hold both the sleep button and home button for at least ten seconds until you see ‘slide to power off. If this does not work either, there is likely physical damage or a hardware problem with your iPhone.

  • If all of these steps fail, your best bet is to take your phone into an apple store and let them look at it. They will also tell you if there are any warranty issues with the device or if you need a new battery (if that’s what has caused the problem).
  • If all of these steps work, then great! You fixed your iPhone, and you can go on with your day.

Why Do Some Calls Hang Up Immediately?

A phone call that hangs up after only a few minutes is often due to one of two issues. The first is a phone company issue. If you call from an area with poor cell service, the network may drop your call when it cannot determine where exactly you are or if there’s no signal at all in that location. 

In this case, simply try calling back and see whether the problem goes away. Another reason for a brief conversation could be due to a reception issue. If you’re in an area with a poor signal and your phone is not set to go into the no service mode, it may keep trying to call over and over until that brief window of time when there’s a strong enough signal for a connection.

Can You Stay On Facetime All Night?

Yes, you can chat on Facetime all night long. In order to keep you connected for as long as possible, Facetime dynamically adjusts the quality of your call based on several factors. These include:

  • The amount of data that is being used by active apps and programs on your device (including notifications)
  • The speed at which incoming packets are received from the network (known as latency)
  • The speed at which your device can process those packets (also known as frame rate).
  • The amount of power your device has left

As you can see, Facetime is constantly monitoring several factors to determine how best to deliver the most efficient calling experience possible. With this dynamic quality adjustment technology, there are no complex rules related to calling time on Facetime. 

However, Apple recommends that those who wish to connect for as long as possible should follow these guidelines for FaceTime on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch:

  • Be aware of the battery level. If your device is about to die or needs a break from Facetime, you should switch over to another app before this happens. Be sure not to play games, listen to music or watch videos while using FaceTime as these activities can quickly drain the battery.
  • Avoid network congestion by reducing your data usage. You don’t need to stream video at high quality for it to work (and you should avoid doing so if possible). Try lowering your screen resolution and reducing any unnecessary cellular data use on your device.


The only explanation is that the phone stops working after four hours because it has reached its peak or beyond. However, this does not mean that you should stay glued to your cell phone for hours at a stretch. 

If you’re on an iPhone, it’s likely because the person who called you hung up or you are out of charge. If that was not the case, there could be something wrong with your phone carrier or provider. We recommend contacting them for more information or calling customer service if they offer one.

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