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What’s Wrong With Hi-Point Firearm? Don’t Buy Until You Read This.


What’s Wrong With Hi-Point Firearm

Made in the United States of America, Hi-Point firearms are a wise choice for many gun enthusiasts on low budgets. They are budget-friendly, compared to other brands out there.

Many who have heavy pockets would prefer Glock, Berretta, and other brands to Hi-Point for several reasons. But despite the price tag, Hi-point has a well-earned reputation for accuracy and reliability.

Many still hate Hi-Point for several reasons only research or the use of the firearm can reveal to you. Now here’s one common question many keep asking.

What’s wrong with Hi-Point Firearm? 

Hi-Point firearm isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing brand on the market. The manufacturer sacrificed the fancy elements for lower production costs. You won’t find those shiny parts and fancy grips on other premium firearms on Hi-Point. That’s the point. And many aren’t buying it.  

The trigger and weight is also a put off for many firearm enthusiasts. The trigger is quite odd and needs some getting used to. 

The firearm is also heavy, though this helps in lowering the felt recoil. Furthermore, if you’re seeking a handgun to conceal carry, Hi-Point is not for you. 

Keep reading to know more about this firearm to make an informed decision.

What Hi-Point Firearm Is

Hi-Point is an Ohio-based firearm manufacturer. Hi-Point is also called Strassell’s Machine, Inc., And their firearm is regarded as Beemiller.

Hi-Point makes handguns and carbines. They have been in business since 1992 and are headquartered in Mansfield, Ohio. The company produces over 150,000 firearms every year.

Hi-Point firearms may not be the prettiest on the market. The manufacturers sacrificed the firearm’s aesthetics for the cost. Their guns cost much less than what many fancy brands on the market cost.

Hi-Point Firearm: Type of Materials Used

The material used is essential when choosing a firearm. A gun made of cheaper material can explode any minute and put someone’s life in grave danger.

In the area of material, Hi-Point has suffered backlashes from gun enthusiasts over the years. Most of them claim they hated Hi-Point firearms because of the company’s material in making their firearms.

The material in question is Zamak-3 (zinc alloy). Most people believe Hi-Point is using zinc alloy for the stress and wear portion of their firearm.

But here’s the point. The zinc alloy used on Hi-Point was only on the low-stress parts. These include the bolt and slide. And frankly, you don’t need steel strength in these areas.

Hi-Point’s wear and stress components include the breech, chamber, barrel, and other smaller parts. And as expected, the company is using steel in these wear and stress components.

So the claim that Hi-Point’s stress and wear components are constructed with Zamak-3 material is out of line. If that was the case, then many Hi-Point uses around the country would have landed in the ICU, and the media notified about it. They will end up getting hurt by their own weapon.

It’s important to point out that Hi-Point is one of the few firearm makers that has earned a well-deserved reputation for their durability, reliability, and accuracy, despite being pocket-friendly.

Hi-Point Firearm Safety Features: Good Or Bad?

Safety is a top priority for every gun owner. The primary reason genuine people buy firearms is to protect themselves, not endanger their lives.

So, how can we classify Hi-Point firearm safety? The thing is, their firearms are safe. When you assess a Hi-Point gun, you’ll find an integral drop and manual drop safety. Both features ensure the gun doesn’t fire when dropped.

Before eight years into the business, all firearms produced by the company, except the 9mm carbine, had magazine disconnect safety and last round lock open. These features ensure the gun won’t fire unless it has a magazine.

Hi-Point Firearm Safety Tips 

Now that almost every state allows citizens to own a gun without a license, safety should be at the top of everyone’s list. The government and firearm dealers should also preach safety to gun owners.

So, it doesn’t matter if you’re using Hi-Point, Glock, Berretta, or other expensive firearms. The bottom line is maintaining safety during storage, conceal carrying, and use of your gun. Here are safety tips gun users need to abide by.

Always unload your firearm when not in use:

What business do you have loading a firearm when you have no intention to use it? Always unload your firearm if you don’t wish to use it immediately.

Besides unloading your firearm after use and before storage, how you store it also matters. Ensure you keep it safely away from the reach of children and adults.

Furthermore, a loaded gun has no business near a car, house, or camp. So make sure you unload your weapon before coming into your home. Keep in mind that a loaded gun is deadly.

Never assume your firearm is unloaded:

Assumptions have caused many problems and still creating problems in society. Many have lost their lives because someone carelessly assumed they had unloaded their firearm.

Now listen. Firearms are dangerous weapons and become deadlier once loaded. So, before you handle your gun yourself or hand it over to someone else, open the action.

After opening the action, check the receiver, magazine, and chamber to be entirely sure they don’t have any ammunition.

So, don’t ever assume your gun is unloaded. Check to see for yourself. Experienced gun handlers know the dangers of having a loaded gun around the house.

A Handy Tip: If your firearm is not in use, always ensure the action is open. Let every gun with closed action become a loaded gun to you. That way, you won’t make any mistake of leaving your weapon loaded and kept away, endangering people’s lives.

Your firearm should also point towards a safe direction when stored:

Accidental discharge happens unexpectedly. But you can avoid it by pointing your firearm in a safe direction when not in use.

The safe direction is the area where there won’t be any damage or threat to other persons or animals once there’s an accidental discharge. In whatever angle you position your firearm, ensure the muzzle points to a corner.

Familiarize yourself with your firearm:

How much do you know about your Hi-Point firearm and bullet? If you just got yourself a new gun, devote time to use and understand how it works.

How much distance your bullet can travel is also essential. And remember, most bullets can travel up to a mile. Some have more velocity or power when fired with a different kind of firearm.

So, study your Hi-Point firearm and bullet. Acquaint yourself with how far the ammunition you have loaded into the gun travels. This will enable you to aim at your primary target and not harm other persons beyond the target.

When firing a gun, remember that you’re going to be held responsible for whatever happens. If the bullet hits someone else instead of the target, one could end up in jail for that.

Drugs, alcohol, and guns don’t get along:

The police say don’t drink and drive. Why? It’s because alcohol and drugs can impair your sense of reasoning. And when they do, an accident is bound to happen.

It’s the same thing with firearms. Don’t get high from drugs or alcohol before using a gun. You may likely hurt yourself or somebody else.

To avoid trouble, stay out of drugs and alcohol if you have a gun in your bag or strapped to your waist.

3 Reasons Hi-Point Firearm Could Be Good For You

Hi-Point firearms are guilty of some things people hate them for, but they’re not a total write off. Here are features that make Hi-Point firearm a good buy.

1. Pocket-friendly:

If your reason for buying a firearm is for self-defense, why break the bank? Your target won’t applaud you for carrying an expensive gun. It’s a firearm, and firearms are meant to fire bullets to kill or disarm the target.

So, as long as your firearm can shoot, you’re good to go. Hi-Point does the job it was designed to do. And above all, it’s cheap. It’s a wise buy for people who need a firearm for self-defense but don’t have fat pockets.

When you buy a Hi-Point instead of a Glock, you will save enough money to purchase ammunitions and range time. This will enable you to practice more and become more accurate at firing shots.

2. It can withstand abuses:

Hi-Point firearms are quite sturdy and can take abuses. They can also serve you for many years, provided you’re doing proper maintenance.

Unarguably, Hi-Point looks ugly. But who cares about a gun’s cuteness when one’s life is in grave danger. Only the living can admire and love. So, since Hi-Point can do its job and It’s durable and reliable, you shouldn’t have any problem using it.

3. Heavy firearm but all good:

Hi-Point is a bit heavy. There’s no doubt about that. But do you know that’s an advantage? How you may be asking.

This firearm’s weight helps lower felt recoil, which is the rearward thrust or knockback generated when one fires a shot.


What’s wrong with Hi-Point firearm? The thing is, people hate Hi-Point firearms for several reasons. They are ugly, bulky, and appear cheap. However, Hi-Point comes designed with steel and zinc alloy. The steel is on the stress and wears portion of the firearm.

A firearm’s job is to shoot bullets. Having a cute gun won’t make someone who’s about to take another person’s life back down. So as long as Hi-Point is accurate, reliable, and can fire shots, you won’t have a problem using it. Let’s not forget it’s also budget-friendly.

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