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What Should Chicago Residents Seek In Construction Accident Attorneys?


What Should Chicago Residents Seek In Construction Accident Attorneys

Construction accidents have unfortunately become commonplace in Chicago, Illinois, and across the country, and they can be deadly quite often. Workers in this crucial industry are at risk of injuries, or even death, daily. With construction booming in Chicago as new skyscrapers and residential buildings come up now and again, the risk of workplace injuries is high.

If you suffer an injury on a construction job, you should find a construction accident lawyer chicago for assistance. An excellent local lawyer will help you get compensation for your injuries, allowing you to get back to leading an everyday life as reasonably soon as possible.

But how do you know which Chicago attorney is right for you?

Here are some vital things to consider when searching for an attorney in this ever-expanding vibrant Illinois city.

Exhaustive Knowledge Of The State Law

While you may think this is a given, it is essential to recognize that your attorney actually does have an in-depth knowledge of the law in Illinois. This means their familiarity with the state’s laws and procedures will be extensive, and they will understand how they apply to your case. 

For instance, does your lawyer know that the statute of limitations to file for compensation is two years from the date of the injury in Illinois?

Similarly, they must know other vital laws that can be useful in your case. Otherwise, it would be difficult for them to guide you through any proceedings if they did not understand what was going on or why certain things had to happen.

Experience In Construction-Related Injuries

The Bureau of Labor Statistics affirms that the construction industry is still among the top ones in the country for workplace injuries. Invariably, you want to ensure that you are working with a local attorney with experience handling cases involving construction accidents in Chicago. So, ask how long they have been practicing law and about the specific cases they have handled.

Also, have they ever represented clients who have sustained injuries due to dangerous conditions on the job site? Reputable Chicago attorneys can also help file third-party claims against independent subcontractors, product manufacturers, property owners, and others responsible for a construction-site accident.

Strong Record Of Settlements

Finding a Chicago attorney who can bring the appropriate amount of money to a settlement is crucial. It is also vital that they can negotiate a payment quickly and professionally so that both parties can avoid litigation.

It would help if you looked at their track record, which is how many cases they have settled successfully, and their fee structure, which tells you how much they charge for similar cases. 

Seek a local expert with a good track record of settlements so that they will likely resolve your issue successfully as well. Typically, capable Chicago lawyers can get anywhere from $900,000 to a million dollars and more for work injuries in the state.

Other Practice Areas

A reputable construction accident lawyer in Chicago will possess all the above qualities and practice in personal injury, medical malpractice, workers’ compensation, and wrongful death. This makes it easy for residents to seek legal counsel and representation from the same capable expert for different scenarios.

So, vet your choices carefully and find a respected Chicago legal specialist who can handle complex or reasonably simple cases with incredible ease and professionalism, ensuring your case receives a positive outcome.

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