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Cute Examples Of Wealthy Sounding Last Names


Cute Examples Of Wealthy Sounding Last Names

Names can have a massive impact on one’s life. However, bearing a wealthy sounding last name doesn’t mean your child would grow up to become a millionaire or billionaire. Such names might only promote future success and give that child a confidence boost.

Picking a name can be a chore for many parents. There are tons of names out there to choose from. The goal of this post is to reveal cute last names that sound wealthy. You will also find the meaning of each name to enable you to make a quick decision. So, continue reading!

Reasons Names Are Important

After birth, parents name their children. Since expectant mothers can identify their children’s sex before birth, they usually choose names for their children before birth.

The name assigned to a kid upon birth is unique. It’s the first gift parents give to their children, a token of their love. A name doesn’t only give people a unique identity but carries power and significance. If you’re in doubt, head to the bank and claim you’re George W. Bush’s or any other past president’s blood brother.

The security and workers there will take you seriously and treat you well. But the moment they discover you played a prank on them, things would change.

So, why are names this important? Here are some excellent reasons.

1. A name gives you a unique identity:  

Many people in your state, or city might be sharing your name. That doesn’t take away anything from the fact that your name is unique to you. Your name helps people to identify you with ease, even on social media. It sets you apart.

One good reason parents name their kids after birth is for identification purposes. It will be unwise for people who came by during a child’s birth to keep calling him or her a baby. Baby is a generic name.

Your books, social media account, bank account, and receipts will all have your names. The reason is that they belong to you. No one can go to your bank to withdraw your money. It doesn’t matter if they have a similar name as you.

You also need names to open a bank account, get into college or a job. Your school needs to check your documents, which must carry the same names. Otherwise, those documents would become invalid.

2. Name can influence your destiny: 

Do you know that a name can influence one’s future? Yes, it can. And by the way, this has nothing to do with superstitious beliefs. The Bible has documented this for years past. In Genesis 17, the name “Abram” got changed to “Abraham.” And that was for a reason.

Abraham’s name was changed when God himself promised to bless him. Abram means “exalted father” while Abraham means “father of many nations,” which God had promised him. Today, the Bible calls us the seed of Abraham. That’s what Christians believe.

Jacob was another person from the Bible whose name got changed from Jacob to Israel. His life started having meaning from the moment he wrestled with an angel, who ended up naming him Israel.

Israel means, “May God prevail” or “he who prevails with God.” It was clear that the angel knew the name “Jacob” wasn’t going to influence the bearer’s destiny. But as soon as it got changed, good things started coming his way.

3. Help parents remember past events:

Parents are incredible and deserve all the accolades they can get. You won’t believe what your parents went through to give birth to you. Hearing details surrounding your conception and birth would give you more reasons to cherish your parents. Let’s not even mention the pain women go through during labor and childbirth.

Parents can decide to name their child with an event in their lives before, during or after the child was born. That is why most kids are taking unfamiliar names.

Only parents know what they went through to give birth to a child and the reason for choosing specific names. For most parents, naming a child with a past event that changed their lives would help to keep the memory fresh.

So, most parents give their kids names of where they were born or circumstances surrounding their birth.

4. Name tells people more about you:

Your surname can give people a clue about your lineage. It will help them understand where you’re from. Names have helped tons of people to trace their roots. Young men and women have successfully identified their biological parents via last names. Long lost siblings and relatives have crossed paths on social media and identified themselves via surnames.

5. Name helps preserve family lineage:

The reason you’re bearing that last name is to protect your family lineage and history. Siblings and relatives can trace their lineage and reunite with a simple clue as the last name.

People can also have the same surname and not be relatives. You can only find out if such persons are related to you by asking more questions, including tips on their grandparent.

So, a name represents history and lineage. It also preserves one’s history and family lineage.

6. Names can open multiple doors of opportunity for you:

Check out the kids of top celebrities and politicians in the United States of America and the world. You will discover that most of them are succeeding like their parents. Even if you’re more qualified, most companies may choose them over you. What’s the reason? It could be because of their last name.

If you were a movie enthusiast or sports lover, you would know these things, even without experiencing them yourself. Ronaldo Jr., son of one of football’s finest, Cristiano Ronaldo, is reaping the benefits of being a celebrity’s son. Though the lad shows solid football skills and boasts of besting his father, his professional contract and colossal media attention have caught the eyes of many.

Will Smith’s children are also an excellent example of how last names can open doors for children and relatives. His kids are doing great in the movie industry and have made a name in Hollywood already.

7. Gives you prestige: 

Bearing a rich last name gives prestige. Wherever you go, people would show respect and treat you well. Treatment given to Bill Gate or a former president’s relatives or children might be different from others. That’s what happens when you’re bearing a wealthy sounding last name.

Wealthy Sounding Last Names: 40 Cute Examples And Meaning

We took the liberty of gathering cute wealthy sounding last names to make your search for a name a lot easier. The names include those from different parts of the world. Here’s the list below.

  1.    Arnold – Arnold has a German origin and implies eagle and power.
  2.    Benson – Benson has an English origin and means blessed.
  3.    Dara – Persian origin and implies wealthy.
  4.    During –Welsh origin and means golden.
  5.    Sterling – English origin and means excellence.
  6.    Bezos – Boasts a Spanishorigin and means kiss.
  7.    Buffet – English origin and means stronghold.
  8.    Duncan –Scottish origin and means chief.
  9.    Goldman– German origin and means a variant of gold.
  10. Wang– Chinese origin and means king.
  11. Benioff – Popular in the United States and means lucky person.
  12. Cherng– Means succeed and a name in Taiwan languages.
  13. Davis –Means beloved and originates from Wales.
  14. Emmerson – Originates from England and means powerful
  15. Erbey –Means heir and famous name in the United States of America.
  16. Friedkin –Means child of peace and originates from Israel.
  17. Gates – Means thoroughfare or road and originates from England. Gates is also considered the American variant of Gotz or Goetz, German last names.
  18. Gottesman –Means man of God and originates from Germany.
  19. Gray –Means welcome and popularly used in Scotland, England, and Ireland.
  20. Rockefeller –Implies someone from Rockenfeld and originates from Germany.
  21. Actona– Means oak town and originates from England.
  22. Allen– Irish origin and means harmony.
  23. Arison –Means powerful or gold son and originates from Albania.
  24. 24. Bass –French origin and means someone from a humble source.
  25. Duffield– A name many English noblemen carried, and it means open country or dove.
  26. Einhorn –Means God horn is gracious and originates from Germany.
  27. Geffen –Jewish origin and means vine.
  28. Gilbert –Originates from Germany and means pledge or bright.
  29. Griffin –Latin origin and means strong lord.
  30. Almas– Means diamond and originates from the Arab world.
  31. Eurig –Welsh origin and means gold.
  32. Fu –means abundant or rich, and a famous Chinese name.
  33. Paz –Hebrew origin and means gold.
  34. Revaz –Means wealthy or successful and originates from Georgia
  35. Hughes – Means son of fire and originates from Wales.
  36. Jobs –Means hated and originated from Britain
  37. Johnson –English origin and means son of John.
  38. Lewis –Originates from England and Wales and means famous battle.
  39. Musk –An English name, which means man.
  40. Trump –An American name that means trumpet.


These are cute wealthy sounding last names to use. They include names from various origins and have a different meaning. Your last name is significant and can have an impact on your life. It can open doors of opportunities and help you trace your root.

So, if you’re looking for cute names that sound wealthy, try any of the ones on this list. Give your child a wealthy sounding name to increase the child’s chances of succeeding in life.

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