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3 Ways Express Yourself Through Everyday Objects


Ways Express Yourself Through Everyday Objects

Are you looking for a way to express your mood or personality better and show off your authentic self through your accessories? There are many everyday items we bring with us everywhere, and we often don’t spare a moment to think about them. By mindfully choosing these accessories with our personalities and remembering what brings us joy, you can brighten your mood and express yourself through these everyday objects that often accompany you throughout your day. 

1. Your Phone Case 

A wide range of phone cases is available on the market. Whether you need iPhone 13 cases or Galaxy S23 cardholders for your smartphone, many options are available. You can surely find something that fits your personality. 

Look for your favorite color in a minimalist design or a bright, floral design to express your aesthetic. A phone case might seem like a small item to express who you are, but many of the newer cases have big personalities! You’re sure to find something that helps you express yourself! 

2. Your Purse or Bag

We carry around so many things with us daily. Whether you bring a purse, laptop case, or another type of bag when you go places, this is an excellent opportunity to express yourself through its appearance. 

Are you the type who always brings several objects with you when leaving the house? Some people carry it all, including a laptop, a book, a tablet, etc. Look for a more spacious bag to carry all your belongings.

You can also think about the color, design, or print to find something unique that suits you! Try a bold color to attract attention or something more neutral if you want a subtler look. Alternatively, you can go for a minimalistic style with something slimmer and smaller if you don’t need to bring a lot when you’re on the go. 

Color is a significant factor, as this can affect your mood. Between the style, color, size, and pattern of your purse or bag, you can look for something that helps you express yourself and brings you joy when you use it! 

3. Your Water Bottle 

Nowadays, many people bring a water bottle with them everywhere they go. There is no shortage of options available for different types of water bottles. The list goes on: sleek, broad, colorful, shiny, and matte. You can get a water bottle in a color or design you love. Alternatively, cover it in stickers with images and messages you like that show off your personality. 

There are so many ways you can express yourself through the water bottle you carry around with you everywhere—and this comes with the added benefit of helping you to stay hydrated. 

Express Yourself through Objects You Love!

If you carry these objects around in everyday life, you might as well choose them mindfully. It’s the small things that represent who you are and make you happy when you look at them. Keep objects you enjoy looking at with you to boost your mood while showing off your personality.

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