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Was Obama A Good President?


Was Obama A Good President

 Barack Hussein Obama was the first non-white President of the United States. The 44th president brought incredible transformations.

Where do you place Obama in the ranking list of U.S Presidents? His achievements have ranked the president among the most influential American history representatives for the eight years in office.

The Hawaii-born democrat led the country with prosperity despite the multiple perils, such as mass shootings and civil wars.

I know opinions differ a lot. But, do you think Obama was a good President?

With the many achievements that he brought to the country, Obama was certainly the best American president of all times. Let us check on his history, achievements, and contradicting historians’ opinions.


Barack Obama’s presidency kicked off on January 20, 2009, after his inauguration. He took office after claiming victory in the 2008 presidential elections over a republican candidate, John Mccain.

After four years in his first term, he won the re-election after beating another republican, Mitt Romney, during the 2012 elections.

Upon serving two terms in the American powerful position, the first black president was succeeded by a Republican, Donald Trump, who emerged during the 2016 presidential election exercise.

In his first term, he addressed multiple nation issues, such as the global financial crisis. He also signed the Recovery Act in February 2009.

Its main objective was to guard existing employment in the US and create more job opportunities for Americans. We will discuss more of this achievement below.

One of his popular legislation pieces while in office was the popular Obamacare or Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

He signed this statute bill on March 23rd, 2010, after its approval by the 111th United States Congress. Barack Obama introduced the increased coverage healthcare Act to stand for the US healthcare system.

In terms of national security, the president did a great favor for the Americans after pulling down Saddam Hussein’s government by putting an end to the military team during the Iraq war. In May 2011, he staged military activities that led to Osama bin Laden’s killing, the founder of al-Qaeda, an Islamist militant group.

In his second term, Barack Obama engaged in measures to address climatic changes, signed major international climate laws, and released executive orders to minimize carbon substances emissions.

In 2016, Obama supported a former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, as his preferred successor. He publicized Hillary Clinton’s favor in conventions that year and campaigned terribly for fellow democrats before the 2016 Election Day.

However, when the elections approached, the former Secretary of State lost to a republican.

During his two terms, most democrats lost government, state, and federal seats to other political groups. It contributed to the presidential seat loss of Obama’s preferred successor.

In his farewell speech, the former black US president raised concerns of economic inequality and racism still present in the country.

Top Barack Obama’s Achievements In Office

With the vast challenges that were still threatening the US, Barack Obama prioritized significant efforts and actions to make the country and its people great again. Here are some of the top ten accomplishments of Barack Obama while in office.

1. Passed the Recovery Act of 2009

The Recovery Act of 2009 was established in response to the Great Recession. Its ultimate goal, as mentioned above, was to increase more jobs for the Americans and save the existing ones.

Also, it was to provide the individuals who were victimized by the recession. By making huge investments in education, renewable energy alongside health and infrastructure. The economic package had an earlier estimate of $787 billion.

After its revision for a decade, its value rose to $831 billion. The statute was generally subjected to the Keynesian economic theory, in which the government should increase public spending to stabilize job opportunities during the economic recession.

2. Achieved the 2009 Nobel Peace Price

President Obama got a Nobel Peace Prize in October 2009. The Norwegian Nobel committee acclaimed him this golden award because of his uncommon efforts and vision to nourish international diplomacy and individuals coordination.

He initialized a new climate in politics and reformed multilateral diplomacy. His initiative brought the US to a country free from nuclear weapons.

Obama reinforced human rights and democracy for its people. From his actions and work, Obama deserved the Nobel Peace Prize that year.

3. Revolutionized the US Health Care System

On March 23rd, 2010, a health statute, the Affordable Care Act (ACA), was legalized in the United States after passing through Congress and a presidential signature.

It formulated a program that included individuals with pre-existing medical conditions blocked out of the insurance system.

After four years, the economy accumulated benefits where at least 88% of the country’s population had health insurance covers. By 2016, the uninsured individuals had reduced, with over 20 million additional covers.

The law authorized a delivery system reform to regulate the healthcare costs and boost quality. The system’s effects reduced medical spending and the insurance premiums for employers.

4. Tax Cuts

The Bush tax cuts are generally the changes to the tax codes. They were passed through during George Bush’s reign and extended during Barack Obama’s office term.

In 2012, the 44th U.S president announced the tax permanent for single individuals making annual earnings less than $400,000 and couples with minimum annual earnings of $450,000.

The three primary components involved in the stimulus were: an extension of the tax cuts, an extension with the value of $56 billion for the unemployed Americans, and a payroll tax reduction for the country’s workers.

5. Overthrew Bin Laden Threats

In May 2011, the United States Navy Sea, Air, and Land Teams (SEAL) ambushed al-Qaeda leader’s space in Pakistan and put an end to Osama Bin Laden’s life.

Obama increased and improved the country’s military troops in Afghanistan to over 68,000 troops.

The visionary leader improved the country’s security state and assured American families of significant safety from external attacks.

6. Won 2012 Re-elections

President Barack Obama won the 2012 United States elections. He was re-elected over Mitt Romney. The opponent had promised to repeal Obamacare and the

Dodd-Frank Act was passed during Obama’s first term.

The voters doubted the elimination of the affordable health system and the banks’ regulations. Mitt Romney did not succeed due to lacking a clear vision of the U.S economy for the Americans.

7. Engaged in peace agreements

The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, aka Iran’s nuclear deal, was created in July 2015. Obama signed the agreement into law, becoming effective in October 2015.

The law desired Iran to establish sufficient uranium components for energy consumption rather than for building bombs.

8. Minimized carbon emissions

Obama proclaimed the regulations for carbon emissions in 2015 by enacting the Clean Power Plan. It assists in lowering carbon dioxide rates in the air. They set goals for the desired levels by 2030.

9. Signed International Climate Change Agreement

In December 2015, Obama, alongside other nations, declared the Paris Climate Agreement. The different 19 global countries agreed to minimize the release of carbon and multiply carbon trading.

Their main objective was to lower the global warming rate by 2 degrees. The developed countries were to chip in $100 billion per year to help the emerging economies.

However, in June 2017, Donald Trump declared the country’s withdrawal from the agreement. Current president Biden announced the United States’ rejoining into the Paris Climate Agreement during his office term.

10. Expanded LGBT rights

During his term, the Supreme Court and Congress extended individuals’ rights under the LGBT, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender group.

Obama penned a signature on a hate crime statute in 2019, the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act. It is for offenses stimulated by an individual’s gender, disability, and sexual orientation.

Vulnerable Legacy Of The 44th US President

Of course, Obama’s legacy came along with a pool of achievements. However, there are only a few of his actions that appear to be sustainable.

One of the measures was the Affordable Care Act, which luckily skipped abolition by Congress, and withdrawal by his successor Donald Trump. Historians also point out the extension of LGBT rights as the only other action that the president will be honored for during his president’s office terms.

Others mark him as a failure for distancing himself from the Republicans during the congress and from his fellow democrats.

It resulted in democrats losing positions in the congress and state legislatures during his two terms. Generally, for Barack Obama’s multiple historians ratify Barack Obama’s policies but complain of his politics.


President Barack Obama was a visionary leader who left big marks in American history. He contributed to significant achievements that improved the lives of the Americans.

One of the magnificent stimuli was Obamacare, which lowered the medical spending and insurance premiums for individuals with annual earnings ranging from $400,000-$450,000.

Although the president received the Nobel Peace Prize and won 2012 re-elections, several historians think he had a weak political legacy during his terms.

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