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Tips on Choosing A Good Website Data Extractor


BusinessDIT claims that there are nearly 334 mln companies worldwide. Such a large number of businesses causes great rivalry in the commerce branch. So, enterprises nowadays strive to find effective features that may help them become more competitive. Among the most efficient tools for increasing corporate performance, experts note web scraping bots. That’s because a qualitative website data extractor allows you to track current marketing trends, discover fresh growth opportunities, and many more.

Some entrepreneurs need assistance selecting a trustworthy firm to develop online data collection software. Specialists, in turn, recommend considering reputable IT agencies with experienced employees (like Nannostomus). But, of course, the main thing is the quality of the extraction applications a development company makes. Therefore, experts decided to create a list of the essential features of data mining apps you should take into account. So, let’s look at those peculiarities in more detail.

Main Functions Of A Qualitative Website Data Extractor

High-quality web scraping apps should be customizable. This way, entrepreneurs are able to employ such software in different projects. Furthermore, online information miners have to be easy to use. Otherwise, you will depend on a developer too much. IT agencies, in turn, may take advantage of your dependence on them, e.g., to increase the cost of their services.

Possibility to Collect Any Type of Content

There are the following conditionally problematic cases for data collection:

  1. Web pages that have the function of infinite scrolling. Here, further information appears with certain delays when you reach the bottom. Consequently, data extraction bots should gain a specific amount of info with particular latency from pages having infinite scrolling. It requires certain skills to create such an application.
  2. Dynamic content. Some pages include text or graphic information that regularly changes. In this instance, you, for example, can turn dynamic content into the JSON format. Professionals also recommend looking at the XMR to determine if extracting information directly (like from an API) is possible.
  3. Pages with hidden content. Here, the full info appears after you click a certain button. You may employ specific frameworks in this case. For example, it may be Selenium. The framework is able to simulate opening browsers with further pulling of source codes containing the necessary data.

Online pages having the CAPTCHA feature and previous AI interaction functions are also challenging when mining online information. Here, it’s better to consult with experienced developers. You may find them, e.g., at nannostomus.com.

Ability to Organize the Extracted Data

Entrepreneurs collect hundreds of gigabytes of information on the internet using web scrapers. This way, they are able to conduct research more accurately. It would take a long time to process all the mined info manually. That’s why conscientious developers typically implement data-organizing features into the software they create. Such functions allow sorting huge amounts of data in a few minutes.

Is It Worth Selecting a Cheap Website Data Extractor?

This depends on the situation. Generally, low-cost software often has poor quality. Ordering excessively expensive web scraping apps is typically also a bad idea, though. That’s because business owners are limited in the data collection features they can afford. However, the specified cases have certain exceptions, for instance, the following ones:

  1. Software can be proposed by reputable developers as part of promotions. In such cases, data extraction bots are offered at essential discounts. So, you may purchase a qualitative application at a low price.
  2. Apps for online information collection have plenty of helpful features. Such software usually costs a lot. However, you won’t have to pay for the further improvement of your bots in such cases.
  3. Applications are made based on semi-finished software. Such website data extractors commonly have good quality. But as these bots shouldn’t be created from scratch, they are offered at favorable prices.

If you have a complex data mining project, experts recommend purchasing web scrapers that will help you analyze the pricing of similar info collectors in the market first.

Should Website Data Extractors Meet Any Standards?

Generally accepted rules for creating web scraping software don’t exist nowadays. However, such applications should be set up properly. Here, it’s worth noting the following things:

  1. Don’t set your bots to collect personal info. Here, you should follow acts like CPRA, CCPA, and GDPR, as well as local private data-protection legislation.
  2. Consider the power of the sites you’re going to mine information from. Don’t set web scrapers to send numerous requests at a time to small online platforms like local e-shops. Otherwise, such sources may be down. This, in turn, is considered a DDoS attack. Consequently, you may be penalized.
  3. Be careful with copyrighted content. Business holders may extract such data for non-public research purposes. Publishing large parts of copyrighted information is a bad idea, though.

Experts recommend contacting proficient specialists (for instance, from Nannostomus) if users aren’t sure they can set up your web scraping software properly.


Qualitative website data extractors typically provide users with simple but comprehensive customization opportunities. Also, such apps can scrape any kind of content and streamline the collected info. It’s better to research pricing in the web scraping app market before ordering data extraction bot creation. This will help avoid overpaying.


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