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The Benefits of Natural Lube


Using lubricant in the bedroom is a sensitive issue for obvious reasons. 

Some see it as a simple way to heighten the mood and increase pleasure. Others don’t want to introduce any external products to their love life as a matter of preference.

Another group of people might be curious about bringing lube into play, but are skeptical about ingredients that may not be so natural. It’s a valid concern, seeing as the substance is going straight to the most sensitive locations of your body.

This sets the stage for the new era of natural lubricant that’s changing minds everywhere. Pure, sustainable, and made with ingredients you can trust to go anywhere – the intimacy products you’ve been waiting for have finally arrived.

Let’s explore why natural lubes are peaking in popularity, and what benefits you can expect by bringing them into the bedroom. 

Organic, Absorbent Ingredients

Maybe you’ve had a bad experience with lube, or heard about one from a friend. The average non-organic lubricant may feel good at first, but it doesn’t take long before sticky, greasy sensations come to mind – not what you want.

It’s no shock that ingredients make all the difference, which is why the best natural lubes contain high-quality components, and not too many of them. For instance, coconut-based MCT oil is a perfect base, providing a fantastic feel and none of the setbacks.

Plus, MCT is easy on the body, inside and out. You end up absorbing extra into your skin with no harm, and you never run the risk of irritation. 

No Unwanted Additives

The best lube is like a natural wine – less is more, and quality is everything. 

Unfortunately, too many brands overcomplicate things in an attempt to make a better product. Their efforts backfire as the ingredient list grows too long.

That’s how you end up with lubricants containing glycerin (a sugar byproduct that simulates yeast production), (a potential endocrine disruptor), and petroleum-based products that are closer to plastic in composition.

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