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Selling A Home In Australia? – 4 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Property Lawyer


Selling A Home In Australia

In Australia, the total value of the residential property market is $9.7 trillion. It has been at its fastest growth since 2021. Residential real estate prices rose as much as 23.7% through 2021 – a significant change in the market trends. The prices are expected to drop by up to 20% by 2024, according to the RBA (Reserve Bank of Australia). Therefore, if you want to sell a property, now is the best time. 

However, selling a home can be overwhelming without the help of a law firm. For instance, Attwood Marshall are a law firm in Australia that specialise in real estate. Hiring a company like that will ensure you have a smoother closing process. 

So, what are the most convincing reasons you should hire a law firm when selling a property? Find that in this article below.

1: Your Lawyer Will Prioritise Your Best Interests

Experienced property lawyers have likely gone through thousands of property sales and purchases in their careers. That means they have in-depth knowledge of every penny and dime of the real estate industry. Quite naturally, they know what to look for and can sense trouble faster than you when selling a property to a party.

Having an expert attorney guarantees you a hassle-free and smooth transaction and property transition from one hand to the next. It can save you months or years of headaches and stress – sometimes, even thousands of dollars.

2: Property Lawyers Will Ensure You Get The Best Selling Price

One might wonder what’s the need to hire a real estate lawyer when real estate agents do the same thing. Well, real estate agents work on behalf of their customers – which is true. However, they do not owe their customers the same type of fiduciary service that lawyers do to their clients.

Moreover, agents look for a higher selling price because that will also increase their commissions. But, as far as attorneys are concerned, they do not have anything to do with the final transaction amount. They will only focus on guiding you to have the best-selling decision.

3: Real Estate Rules And Documentation Are Complicated

Real estate transactions in Australia are all about different paperwork, rules, documentation, etc. There is nothing simple and straightforward in them. Therefore, it is hard for someone to handle all that alone without the help of a professional lawyer. 

If you face legal complications when selling your home, the best way is to hire a law firm to handle it. Their efficient lawyers will analyse the situation and offer the best advice to you.

4: Your Lawyer Will Handle Problems That Come The Way

When selling a home, you can encounter different difficulties that you haven’t ever known about. For example, legal issues like easements, zoning restrictions, title defects, liens etc., often come in the way to hamper the selling process.

However, it can easily be dealt with by legal help from a law firm. Real estate attorneys have the knowledge to solve such issues with the least hassles.

Wrapping Up

Australian real estate law is regulated through legislation – such as The Real Property Act 1900 (NSW) and The Land Titles Act 1980 (Tasmania). Firms like Attwood Marshall are a law firm in Australia, where proper legal assistance is provided when selling a property. An experienced lawyer will know the common tricks and shortcuts to have the best deal for your home. 

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