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How To Use Giveaways And Gifts In Your Marketing Campaign


How To Use Giveaways And Gifts In Your Marketing Campaign

Are you looking for a solution to strengthen your company’s brand recognition and sales? If you intend to grab the consumer’s attention, then a promotional campaign is the way to go. Who does not love free stuff?

Giveaways and gifts are an effective way to extensively publicize your goods and services and eventually build customer loyalty. Your promotional goods will increase awareness of your products and services as more people utilize them. Consequently, it drives traffic toward your business, keeping the sales up. Below are some strategies to follow when doing giveaways and gifts in your marketing campaign.

1. What Is Your Goal?

Using gifts and giveaways in any marketing campaign is critical, but what is the goal? It is essential to focus on what you wish to accomplish with this campaign; otherwise, it is meaningless. Are you aiming to create brand awareness for a new product, generate traffic and sales on your existing merchandise, or create a buzz about your company and its services? Once you know your goal, it helps to create a clear vision, and you can easily monitor your campaign performance.

2. Select The Products Or Services You Want To Market Wisely

You do not want to mislead your consumers by choosing a gift unrelated to your business. Your contribution should be relevant to the context of your brand and should convey the right message to your target audience. Eventually, you want the incentives to influence your marketing strategy and entice your audience to purchase from you. Hence, it is vital to comprehend your target audience for you to know what kinds of complimentary gifts they would genuinely like and use.

3. Identify Your Target Market

Define who the right audience for your campaign is. Are you looking to establish loyalty with existing customers or to attract new ones? Moreover, your merchandise can help determine your target audience. For example, if you sell beauty products, it is evident that your ideal audience is mostly women. Knowing your target market helps push your campaign to a specific audience and determine the right complimentary gifts to use.

4. Lay Out The Rules Of Your Giveaway

Provide your target audience with a comprehensive explanation of all the campaign rules. Are there any restrictions on the number of entries or any special requirements? Is there a limitation on how many people may participate in the promotion? Moreover, one-time offers with a strict deadline tend to provoke buyers to buy because of the fear of missing out (FOMO). By clearly stating the terms of a giveaway or campaign, you tend to draw the line for these campaigns and influence action.

5. Set An Exciting And Relevant Prize For Your Giveaway

Do you want to generate more leads and increase your consumer base? Give the audience a valuable gift, and you will drive traffic toward your campaign. It is useless to offer something that your audience is not interested in. For example, you can opt to give away a limited edition product or even a whole product line! Who would not want to try their luck? The quality of your prize determines the type of audience you attract. However, you should ensure that your reward helps you achieve your ultimate goal.

6 . Ensure Proper Branding

At the end of the day, marketing is not just about giving out freebies. You want your gifts and giveaway to impact your marketing goals and convert the audience into customers. But how do you achieve this? Ensure that all your complimentary gifts are well branded with all the vital contact information about your company. Using branded promotional gifts is effective because this information tends to stick in the consumer’s mind.

7. Establish Means Of Dispatching Your Gifts And Giveaways

Having established that promotional incentives are effective in marketing, how do you plan to exercise them? You can opt to send your customers emails informing them of the ongoing promotions, reward your loyal customers with coupons, or have the campaign at one of your company’s events. You can also physically exercise the promotion by having some employees distribute your gifts. Either way, you will need to establish which way is suitable for your business and the merchandise you are distributing.

8. Launch Your Giveaway With The Right Platform

The amount of participation you get will depend on the platform you choose to launch your giveaway on. You must choose a platform with an already established audience. Are your consumers more walk-in clients than online? Then advertise your promotion in the surroundings of your business. In this case, you want to engage the passersby in your ongoing campaign physically. However, utilizing social media has successfully grown traffic in modern-day marketing. 

9. Keep Track Of Your Campaign Progress

Monitoring your campaign progress helps you measure the success of your activity. As much as you use giveaways and gifts to enhance your campaign, keep track of the results. Numbers never lie. If your promotion is not succeeding, you can change your strategy in your next campaign. Find credible professionals to help manage your campaigns and run their identity through Nuwber for certainty.

10. Consistency

With consistency, any business can succeed. Establishing consistency with your promotional campaigns helps build your company’s reputation and credibility. Not to mention, it creates brand awareness. However, be careful not to run out of all your funds by giving out gifts. You need to be strategic for you and your customers to benefit. 


Marketing is a tricky business. You need to stand out from the crowd, get people excited about your product, and convince them why you are better than your competitor. One of the best ways to attract them is through giveaways and gifts. Consumers look for something unique in your merchandise. Including promotions in your items is one of the elements that influence a client’s choice to make a purchase. Entice your clients with gifts and giveaways, and you will be sure to retain them as your loyal customers.

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