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How to Pick Great Spots for Chicago Billboards


Are you trying to start a billboard ad campaign in Chicago but aren’t sure how to pick a good location for it? 

Read on to discover how you can pick great spots for your Chicago billboards

Location is Everything

You are right to be asking how to pick the best spot in Chicago for billboards. Location plays a massive part in a billboard ad campaign. In fact, it could arguably be the most important aspect. The location of your billboard determines how many impressions it will make and what demographic it will primarily reach. 

Know Your Options 

Before choosing where to place your ads, you must first know your options. This may sound like a given, but not everyone takes the time to research billboard locations and learn all of the available options. 

Knowing every possible location for your billboard ads is critical to making well-informed decisions for your ad campaign. So, here are a few great options typically available to you. 

Sports Arenas and Stadiums 

Sports arenas and stadiums pack out every week for different sporting events and concerts. With these events comes a massive influx of traffic and people, making it the perfect place for billboards. 

Placing billboard ads that target the people near stadiums and arenas is a great way to get your name out there. So, here are a few places in Chicago you may want to consider. 

  • SeatGeek Stadium 
  • United Center
  • Guaranteed Rate Field 
  • Wrigley Field 
  • Soldier Field 

Tourist Attractions 

Big cities like Chicago are no stranger to tourists and visitors of all demographics. Out-of-home advertising is perfect for tourists because it is easy to target individuals who already have the intention to buy or splurge a little. So, here are a few tourist attractions you may want to have your ads near. 

  • The Art Institute of Chicago 
  • Wrigley Field 
  • Navy Pier 
  • Shedd Aquarium 
  • Millennium Park 


Speaking of visitors. Airports are the perfect place to reach a wide range of people groups and get your brand in front of as many people as possible. The Chicago O’Hare International airport sees thousands of visitors every day and is a great option for your ad campaign. 

Colleges and Universities 

Does your product or service attract the younger generation? If you think college students are likely to purchase what you offer. You should certainly consider placing billboards on and around college and university campuses. The University of Illinois often has anywhere from 40,000 to 50,000 students on campus each year. Just make sure your ad campaign is during the summer. 

Highways and Interstates 

Last but certainly not least. Highways and interstates are, by far, the most popular places to have billboard ads. Anytime most people think about billboards, they imagine one that they have seen on the side of a highway. It is a great way to ensure that many impressions will be made across many demographics. Here are a few major interstates in Chicago to consider. 

  • Interstate 290: Chicago-Kansas City Expy 
  • Interstate 55: Stevenson Expy
  • Interstate 95: Dan Ryan Expy 
  • Interstate 90: Kennedy Expy and Dan Ryan Expy

Know Your Demographic 

It is important to note that picking a location is not only about how many impressions your ad will make. While this is a major factor, it is also crucial to know your demographic and tend to it. If your product fare well in a location full of tourists. Choose tourist attractions and airports. But if you are a localized company that wants to become better known in your community. You will have a better chance by marketing to the daily commuters on the interstate. 

Before You Commit 

Now that you know how to pick a great spot for your Chicago billboards, there are a few other elements you should be aware of before you commit and start your ad campaign. 

Work With a Professional Design Team 

Work with a professional design team to create your ad. While you may have a strong idea of the direction you want the ad to go, professionals will be able to make it interesting, memorable, and ultimately better all around. 

Plan Your Next Several Campaigns

It is always a good idea to plan your ad campaigns ahead of time. Being one or two steps ahead allows you to take control of your brand presence. 

Feel Confident in Your Decisions 

Lastly, feel confident in your decisions. Setting up an ad campaign like this takes a lot of effort and research. And once you have completed your research and are ready to start your ad campaign, you should feel confident and proud of your work.

The Takeaway 

Picking the best spot for an ad campaign is simple, but it takes a bit of research to do it right. In Chicago there are plenty of great places that experience a high volume of people pretty much every day. You just have to become aware of these places, know your demographic, and decide accordingly. Doing this will set you on the right path toward a successful billboard ad campaign.

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