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How To Make Yourself Blush


How To Make Yourself Blush

Blushing is the act of turning red in the face, typically as a result of embarrassment or anger. It can be caused by social interaction, physical contact with an object, strong emotions like fear and anticipation, or even talking on the phone. If you want to make yourself blush, or if you’re looking for some tips on how to do it, then this article is perfect for you.

What Is Blushing?

Blushing is the reddening of a person’s face, most often due to shyness, embarrassment, or stress. Blushing occurs in humans and other primates when embarrassed as well as in response to emotional connection. 

Physical causes are usually just vasodilation resulting from adrenaline production that accompanies the fight-or-flight reaction triggered by the sympathetic nervous system.

This is distinct from flushing, which typically results from emotional warmth or exertion; it can also be caused by different emotions such as anger and embarrassment.

The appearance of a blush largely depends on the face’s skin coloration: those with naturally dark complexions will usually blush less noticeably than those with pale complexions. Some people can get a localized form of blushing in the eyes when they are tired, causing dark circles to appear under them. 

Reddish colors such as purple and maroon also tend to make the blood look like this. Men may be able to blush yet lack visible “blush lines” because their skin coloration is darker. In many cases, blushing can give a person’s skin an uneven appearance. They may even appear to be windburned or sunburnt in the face (or on certain parts of it).

What Happens To Your Body When You Blush?

  • If your eyes are red, this is a sign of blushing. Your body will have more blood flow when you’re nervous, and it’s being sent to the capillaries in different parts of your face. The veins around the nose (the ones that look blue) and the blood vessels around the cheeks will swell.
  • When you blush, your muscles tense up, which sends more oxygen to those capillaries so they can deliver more blood than usual. The result of all this is a reddening on the skin’s surface where it meets these swollen veins due to dilation (widening) of the blood vessels.
  • Sometimes, your body may not be able to release this extra oxygen that is needed for blushing, and it will stay in your system until you sleep, which can make you feel tired during the day (and give you dark circles under your eyes).

How To Make Yourself Blush

Blushing is an involuntary response to many different stimuli. Although blushing can be triggered by anything that makes you feel embarrassed, the most common triggers are emotional stress and physical heat. Fortunately, even if your cheeks will not cooperate when you want them red with embarrassment, there are other ways to trick your brain into thinking they’re hot enough to make you blush.

There are many tricks you can use for this, depending on how much time and effort you want to put into it. Below we will go through some easy ways that anyone can do in just a few minutes with no risk of public humiliation or uncomfortable side effects. Let’s look at some of these tricks:

Blush without blushing

To make yourself blush, try looking at something that is blue or green for several minutes. This red-orange color will trigger your brain to think it’s hot in the face area, and you will begin to feel more warm than usual, which sets off a chain reaction of blood rushing into your cheeks just as if you were blushing from embarrassment.

This effect can be used as a temporary trick to make yourself blush, but it is not entirely foolproof because the heat you feel will fade after several minutes, and your cheeks may go back to their usual color before that happens. 

The best way of using this technique for more extended periods of time is by wearing blue or green lenses so your cheeks will be warm for as long as you wear them. However, if you only want to use this trick for a few minutes, it may not make sense to invest in colored contacts, and this method is much less expensive.

Another way of making yourself blush without blushing would be by applying heat directly on the skin near where your blush will appear. This can be done by pressing a warm spoon against your cheeks or using an infrared heat lamp on that area for several minutes, which should cause you to feel warmth in the face region and trigger blushing.

Blush with makeup

While this method does not provide as much of a natural appearance as just letting yourself blush naturally, it is possible to use blush on the face as a way of simulating blushing. By applying pink, red, or similar color makeup to your cheeks, you can make yourself blush without actually turning red with embarrassment.

Another option would be using a powder that has highlighter properties and adding this along the cheekbones near where natural light reflects off them. Doing so will cause you to look like you are blushing even though you aren’t.

Blush with makeup is also a great way of blending in your blush when it begins to fade during the day, but there’s some more information on that later.

How Not To Make Yourself Blush

While we’ve discussed how making yourself blush can be a good thing, there are some ways of doing this that might not work as well as you’d like. One example is by trying to make yourself blush through mental tricks such as imagining what made you embarrassed or thinking about how hot it must look when people see your blushing face.

Although these types of techniques can sometimes help you activate your body’s natural response to feeling embarrassed, this is usually only the case if you are already very familiar with how your blush looks. Even so, using mental tricks has no long-term effects, and it may take several minutes of hard concentration to activate a physical reaction at all.

Another example would be trying to make yourself blush by drinking lots of alcohol, which can cause blushing in itself but also has many adverse side effects such as worsened memory and coordination.

Finally, you should never use drugs or medication in an attempt to make your face turn red with embarrassment because this is very dangerous and will likely result in more severe problems than a temporary loss of color in your cheeks.

The best way to make yourself blush is by using the tips and tricks mentioned above, but it’s also important not to abuse this practice, or you’ll lose the ability to blush on command as easily as before. Make sure that when you use these methods for making yourself blush, they are just a fun little trick rather than a way of replacing natural blushing.

Blushing When Talking To Someone

People may want to learn how to make themselves blush because they feel embarrassed when talking with others and would like an easy trick for changing their mood or making them more confident in social situations. If this sounds like something that you’ve been struggling with, you may find that the best way to do this is by intentionally triggering your blush when talking to someone.

Blushing when speaking can lead others into thinking that you are being shy or modest about yourself, and it will cause them to be more friendly towards you because of how cute they think this behavior is. Even if people notice that something is making you blush, they won’t mind because it’s a sign of good social skills and that you’re comfortable enough around them to show your emotions.

Blushing when talking can be done in several ways, such as by using the mental tricks mentioned above or imagining what made you feel embarrassed before speaking with someone else so that this plays on your mind. 

You can also purposefully think about something that makes you blush when talking with others, but this is usually best after you’ve already started speaking because it can be challenging to handle if your mind goes blank.

Another way of making yourself blush when talking to other people is simply thinking about how embarrassing or awkward what they are saying might seem to them if they were to hear it. This is an easy trick for blushing when talking that can be done without even thinking about your reactions and will work well in most social situations because people are usually more aware of how others might feel than themselves.


Some people cannot naturally blush easily, but others can very well. If you have trouble blushing, there is probably something that makes it difficult for you to do so. Sometimes if we feel embarrassed or nervous, this will make us blush; however other times, our face may turn red when we’re not feeling particularly emotional at all.

Blushing can be a very embarrassing experience sometimes, but it’s also a natural part of life. It is possible to make yourself blush if you have trouble doing so. There are many ways people try and accomplish this task; some may use makeup or other tricks to help them out with the process. Others find that simply trying harder to blush to be a better solution.

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