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How to Connect with Your Patients during COVID-19


How to Connect with Your Patients during COVID-19The spread of COVID-19 has divested almost all spectrums of our livelihoods. As a health provider, you have to work extra hours to fight against the spread and impact of this novel virus. This engagement might leave you with very little time to attend to your regular clients. Read on to understand How to Connect with Your Patients during COVID-19.

Always endeavor to stay in touch with your patients, whether it is during a health crisis or ordinary days. Schedule telemedicine, send those emails, newsletters, and even talk to them to assure them of their health improvement.

Work on your social media presence

With the work from home slogan all over the globe, few patients would risk going out looking for medical consultations. Most patients would prefer reading from your social media platform. Therefore, you need to increase your social media presence and post very informative posts on your pages. You can also direct your readership to beneficial information.

All in all, make sure that you are sharing engaging content for your followers. You can also start your health-related blog, demo videos about your area of specialization. You can advise your patients on the best health practices and updates concerning the effects and spread of coronavirus.

Invest in live chats

Sometimes, your patients might have some questions or emergency cases. In such cases, live chats come in handy as you can easily demonstrate what they should do and hence, solve their problems.

It would be best if you also engage your clients in live chat via WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, twitter, among other social media platforms. You will succeed in this endeavor if you timely respond to your clients and give them updated and useful information.

Also, reach out to them from time to time to ask them how they are doing. Let the patients see that you are very concerned about their health. Plan for their families in case some are isolated due to contracting the virus.

Send newsletters

Stay in touch with your clientele by updating them on your operating hours, office closures, and opening hours. Tell them how your staff is doing. The newsletter comes in handy when you want to tell your readership about DIY practices. Remember to utilize Mail chip and Constant Contact to send customized newsletters.

For you to maintain good relations with your patients even during this COVID-19 period, keep in touch with them. Invest in social media presence and share very engaging content for them to benefit from.

You should also invest in live chat where you have to respond to your clients’ concerns as soon as possible. Newsletters come in handy when you have to update your readership on your office or workplace’s current situation.


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