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How Many Water Bottles Is A Gallon ? The Best Answer 


How Many Water Bottles Is A Gallon

There’s an old saying that water has no enemies. It means even though one’s house got swept away by a flood, it won’t stop the person from drinking or using water. Water is life, and it’s crucial for our well-being. That’s why doctors always encourage their patients to drink enough water daily to stay healthy.

It’s common for people who drink about a gallon of water daily to have an interest in finding out how many water bottles they’re consuming. Curiosity can also be another reason a person would want to know how many water bottles would fill up a gallon.

So, let’s dive!

How many water bottles is a gallon? 

In the United States, water bottle differs in sizes to what is obtainable in other countries. They come in 8, 12, 16.9, 20, 24, and 33.8 oz. 33.8 oz is equal to a liter.

A gallon in the United States equates to 128 ounces. What you have to do to get the number of water bottles in a gallon is divide 128 ounces by the water bottle size. Here’s a simple formula.

The number of water bottles per gallon = A gallon (128 ounces)/Water bottle size.

So, if your water bottle size were 8 oz, then the number of water bottles in a gallon would be 18 water bottles.

We arrived at this by dividing 128 (gallon size) by 8 oz (water bottle size). So, literarily, you need to know the size of the water bottle you’re using to determine how many of it can fill up a gallon.

So that’s the answer to the question, but we’re not done yet. Keep reading as we have more in store for you.

How Many Water Bottles Is A Gallon in The UK?

If you’re from the UK, please disregard the first calculation. The simple reason is that in the UK gallon system, a gallon is 160 ounces of fluid, but its 128 ounces in the United States.

Furthermore, it’s also important to know that 16.9 ounces are water bottles standard size. So, if you’re using a 16.9 ounces water bottle for your calculation, you have to divide 160 by 16.9 ounces. The answer is 9.46 water bottles.

How Many Water Bottles Should You Drink Daily?

To help explain this and keep things uniform, let’s use an 8 oz water bottle used in the first calculation.

Advice on how many water bottles people should drink daily has been conflicting. Some experts usually recommend consuming half of one’s body weight in ounces of water daily.

What it means is this. If you weigh 100 pounds, then you should be drinking 50 oz of water every single day.

Going by this recommendation, if you’re drinking from an 8 oz water bottle and weigh 100 pounds, you need to drink approximately 6 and a half 8 oz water bottles daily.

A Handy Tip – How we arrived at the solution isn’t difficult. For a person weighing 100 pounds, the advice is to drink half that weight, which is 50 oz. Since the person would be drinking from an 8 oz bottle, we divided 50 oz by 8 oz. That was how we arrived at the answer.

If the person is drinking from a 16.9 oz bottle, they automatically require approximately 3 water bottles daily for proper hydration. How we got this was 50 oz divided by 16.9 oz.

You can use this calculation for other water bottle sizes.

Other experts’ daily recommend water consumption is 64 ounces. They consider this the standard amount that everyone should aim for, despite hydration levels.

Now the truth is, everyone has varying hydration levels. Several factors also determine these hydration levels. These include one’s body size, metabolism, location, and activity level.

So, the bottom line is that most people may need more water than the 64-ounces being suggested by many experts, while others may require far less daily.

With that said, before you start drinking water, here are some crucial factors you need to consider first.

Factors That Determine How Many Water Bottles You Should Drink Daily?

As funny as it may sound, most individuals fancy the idea of drinking water from a water bottle, as opposed to a glass. As long as the water is drinkable and the water bottle is in good shape, there’s nothing wrong with that.

Several factors determine the amount of water each person needs. You may require more water than a person sharing the same roof with you.

Here are the factors.

  • Activity level – You can’t compare the amount of water a person that walking around a lot would need to someone sitting behind his or her desk for almost the entire day. The more active you get, the more water you would need. Exercise also causes the body to lose water. Therefore, someone that exercises or does intense physical activities would require more water to replenish the loss.
  • Health status – Your health can make you consume more water than others. A fever or an infection can cause you to drink more water. When you vomit or suffer diarrhea, you would need to drink more water to replenish your body’s lost fluid. Diabetes and people who take diuretics also require more water.
  • Location – Another thing that can influence water consumption is your place of residence. If you live in a humid, hot, or dry environment, you will need more water to keep your body in top shape. It’s the same thing for people living in higher altitudes and mountains.
  • Season or temperature – Perspiration is higher during warmer months and lower in cooler months. So there’s a high chance that you would require more water in warmer seasons.
  • Pregnant women – If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding a baby, you would undoubtedly require more water. The reason is to stay properly hydrated, so the body can handle the demands that come with breastfeeding and stress that comes with taking care of the child.
  • Environment – If you stay outside longer on a sunny day, you’re going to need a lot of water to keep the body properly hydrated. It’s also the same thing when you’re in a hot room. Heat makes the body lose water in the form of sweat, which you need to replenish.

Why You Should Be Consuming More Water Bottles Daily?

Water is beneficial for your well-being, not the water bottle itself. It also doesn’t matter if you drink from a water bottle or glass. If you prefer drinking water from a water bottle, then fine. Either way, you should consider drinking more water.

Here are reasons you should consider increasing the water bottles you consume daily, all backed by studies.

Boasts energy levels

Research has shown that dehydration can lower one’s athletic performance. It can even make you feel sluggish and unable to perform certain physical activities satisfactorily. But, drinking enough water and staying hydrated does the opposite. It will increase your energy.

Influences brain function

Everybody needs their brains to be at optimal level performance-wise all day. However, research has discovered that dehydration could affect the brain negatively. It can make a person lose focus, attention, and short-term memory. So, drink enough water to keep the brain in top shape all the time. It should be a deliberate effort for you every day.

Address constipation

 If you have constipation, a prevalent issue, increase your water intake and you would feel much better. It works; give it a try.

Addresses kidney stones issues

Though more research is required to validate the claim, research conducted thus far has indicated that increased fluid intake can decrease kidney stone risks.

Improves skin appearance 

Increased water intake is the natural way to keep the skin glowing. Through the help of water, the body gets rid of toxins. Failure to consume enough water, the skin may turn oily to try to flush toxins out. But that’s not a wise route to take.

Address urinary tract infections

Are you struggling with the reoccurrence of a urinary tract or bladder infection? Then it would help if you started drinking enough water to prevent their reoccurrence.

Curb your cravings

Most times, many individuals confuse thirst with hunger. They eat food instead of drinking water to quench their thirst. Now try this. Whenever you’re hungry, have a glass of water. You would see that the cravings would go away. This step would enable you to make healthier food choices and aid your weight loss mission.


How many water bottles is a gallon? That’s the question, and we hope you now understand the answer. You can also do the calculation for other water bottle sizes by following the same steps too. In the United States and United Kingdom gallon system, a gallon is 128 ounces and 160 ounces, respectively.

To know the number of water bottles a gallon has, you have to divide the gallon size by the water bottle size. It’s that straightforward. However, the bottom line is to drink enough water daily to keep your health in top shape.

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