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How Do You Take Off A Life Proof Case? Guide On Using A Life Proof Case


How Do You Take Off A Life Proof Case 

A Lifeproof case is a protective accessory for mobile devices. It is designed to protect tablets and smartphones from dirt, high drops, and liquid.

If you want to use this case, then you need to understand its importance and functions. This case will save you a lot of money if you work in risky environments.

The Lifeproof case is very effective and easy to use. There are very many different case sizes that could fit any mobile device. Removing the Lifeproof case is also an important part that needs a careful touch.

So, how do you take off a LifeProof case?

First, open the charge port cover on the lower side of the phone. Find the case key slot and insert the key into the key slot. Turn the case key to release part of the case. Insert your thumb slowly into the opening made using the key. Slowly move your thumb along the sides to remove all the locking mechanisms.

How To Install A Lifeproof Case Onto Your Phone

The Lifeproof cases come with an opening tool and a cleaning cloth. The case will come snapped together. Use the case key by inserting it into the key slot and separate the pieces.

Clean your phone thoroughly with a microfiber cloth. Fit the bottom side of your phone into the back cover of the case.  Snap-on the case front and squeeze it all around to ensure it is t.

Push in the charge plug and test all the buttons. Check the case regularly and clean any dust that might have gotten collected on it. If your phone drops, check to ensure that the case is still tightly sealed.

The steps to installing a case are outlined clearly in the user manual. Installation is an integral part since improper installation may cause leaks and damage to your phone.

What You Need To Know About Lifeproof Cases

There is a lot you need to look into before you pick a case for your device. Different types of Lifeproof covers offer an additional amount of protection.

The selection of a case will depend on several factors, but it is best to have general information on all the available cases. The phone cases are categorized depending on the amount of protection they offer;

 1. Lifeproof Fre

 The Lifeproof Fre is the case that will offer you the best protection you could need. This is a type of cover that is intended for people that work in hazardous conditions.

If you want to go mountain climbing, surfing, running, camping, or any other dangerous trip, this is the cover for you. The phone case is built strong with a screen protector.

This will ensure you don’t get scratched or cracks on your screen.  The cover is also designed to be waterproof. It can keep water out for an hour at a depth of 2 meters.

Realistically speaking, water cannot get into this case. It will also keep mud and dust away from your phone. The cover can withstand a fall of 2 meters if you drop the phone.

2. Lifeproof Nuud

Lifeproof Nuud is almost as good as the Lifeproof Fre, with one big difference; it doesn’t have a screen protector. It will still offer your phone a great deal of protection.

You can use it for snowing, surfing, and mud running. The screen will be completely open and exposed. This will pose a risk of the screen cracking or getting scratches.

You can add a screen protector onto your phone before purchasing a cover. The screen will have a better response since it will be exposed to your touch.

3. Lifeproof Next

Lifeproof Next is also protective, but it will not be efficient like the subsequent two. You can use it in the rain, mountain biking, snowboarding, or other winter sports.

It can keep out mud, dust, and splashing water. It is, however, not be advisable to dip it into water. The Lifeproof case will offer fall protection for heights of up to 2 meters.

The advantage of this case is that it is thin.  This means that it will not take too much space in storage or operation. Its backside is transparent, which will allow you to showcase the phone’s original design.

4. Lifeproof Slam

 Lifeproof Slam is the thinnest Lifeproof case there is. This would be the best choice for someone who wants protection and intends to keep the initial phone design.

The phone case does not have a screen protector, but it will still help.

It is thicker than the phone, so when placed on a flat surface, the screen won’t touch the surface. This will ensure there are no scratches on your screen.

The fall protection will protect the phone up to 2 meters. It is not dustproof or waterproof, so you should not be too careless with it. This case is mostly for looks and style, do not risk your phone getting damaged.

Advantages Of Using Lifeproof Cases

Lifeproof cases are somewhat famous, especially among iPhone users. This would imply that it has some significant advantages. Understanding a case’s strengths and weaknesses is vital before you commit to one.

It gives you freedom of use

This means that it will allow you to use your phone in a range of many different conditions. Water, snow, dust, and mud will not get to your phone.

It allows you to take underwater pictures without damaging your phone

You could use your phone in the rain or shower if you want to. You can be freer since it also has drop protection of up to 2 meters. This is way higher than everyday phone drops so that you won’t crack the screen.

The Lifeproof case has a lifetime guarantee.

This means that Lifeproof will replace your phone and case in case of a breach. The replacement will come in handy for those in risky conditions.

A leak will only happen if the case is defective or it exposes your phone. This is a show of the quality and success of Lifeproof cases. The Lifeproof case might be a bit expensive, but it will be worth your money.

  • It looks nice. The Lifeproof Next cover offers you several choices to choose from depending on color and style. It is also transparent to showcase your phone’s initial look.
  • Screen protection. Lifeproof Fre comes with a screen protector. The protector will keep your screen safe if you drop it.

The other Lifeproof Cases don’t have screen protectors, but they are raised on the front. The screen will, therefore, not touch the surface you place it on.

Disadvantages Of Using Lifeproof Cases

Lifeproof cases work well in protecting your phone, but some minor problems are associated with them.

 Sound is compromised

The phone case is waterproof, which implies that it is sealed off completely. This airtight nature brings up an issue with the speakers and microphone.

Users have complained that the sound from their phones gets muffled. It is hard to hear the other person during phone calls, or the receiver cannot hear the user.

High price

The phone cases are costly. For instance, the Lifeproof Fre goes at $89.99 and the Lifeproof Nuud at $99.99. This price may be a problem for some users.

It will be a good move if you constantly damage or destroy your phone. You could get a cheaper case at $35, which is still pretty expensive.

Some accessories don’t fit in the case

The case covers the phone and leaves spaces for ports. Some cable heads won’t fit into the phone when it has the Lifeproof case.

This issue would reduce the number of accessories like headphones you can use. Or you would have to remove the case to use them, which defeats the purpose of buying it in the first place.

The screen protector damage is apparent

It does protect your screen, but it gets scratched easily. With time it becomes ragged, but the phone screen will be intact.

Are Lifeproof Cases Really Worth It?

Having looked at the Pros, cons, and considering the price, are Lifeproof cases worth it? Yes, they are. Buying a $ 100 case seems more convenient than constantly replacing a $ 400 phone.

A Lifeproof case will allow you to work in aquatic environments without risking damage to your phone. You could go to a depth of 2 meters, and your phone will still be dry.

There are some phones like the iPhone 7 plus that are made waterproof. So a case would be only for additional protection from falls or deeper water.

The case will protect your screen, and that is an important part. The screen is the most volatile part of the phone, and protecting it is crucial.


Lifeproof cases have made a name for the company because of their quality. The case will help you keep your phone safe at work or home. Fall protection and waterproof feature are the best parts of this case.

If you are a careful user, the case might not be worth the. Phones that are already water and dust resistant will not need the additional case unless you are planning long dives with the phone.

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