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Does Walmart Optical Accept Medicaid? All About Walmart Optical


Walmart offers a range of services. From beauty needs to automotive. However, it’s no big surprise that the giant retailer also offers optical services like eyeglasses, contact lenses, and eye check-ups by a licensed optometry doctor.

Many people have discovered the cost-effectiveness and convenience offered by Walmart vision center for their eyes and vision care. This has made them choose it over other optical centers.

Although eye treatment is quite expensive, this has made many people go for insurance covers. The insurance covers help them to pay their bills.

Medicaid is one of the most used insurance programs in the US. It provides health coverage to millions of American people. For those who are still wondering whether Walmart accepts Medicaid or not, here is your response.

Does Walmart optical accept Medicaid?

Yes, they do accept Medicaid. Some Walmart Vision centers do accept Medicaid, while others do not.  However, the vision benefits do vary from MCO to MCO, and some offer richer benefits. MCO is the company on your insurance card.

Walmart Vision Centre

It is one of the stores of Walmart. It’s an affordable one-stop eye care shop. It offers wide optical services, from eye check-ups, prescriptions, contact lenses, glasses, and sunglasses.

To know whether your local Walmart vision center accepts Medicaid, you will have to contact them.  The Walmart vision center representative will let you know whether it does or does not accept Medicaid.

If it does accept Medicaid, you can schedule an appointment with them. At the time of the visit, carry your Medicaid ID with you.

If your Medicaid plan requires coinsurance, co-pay, or deductible, you will have to settle the amount at that time of your services.

Why Choose Walmart Vision Centre

Most eye experts and doctors recommend you go for eye check-ups every one or two years. As you grow old or have other health conditions, you are expected to be going for check-ups frequently.

Why choose Walmart? The services offered by Walmart vision center are unique and come with several advantages.

1. It Offers Value

Walmart is well known for its everyday low-priced offers. It also offers free shipping and free in-store pick-up for successful purchases. You can opt to visit any vision center to access their services or shop online.

2. Convenience

Humans are always busy. Trips to the store to have your eyes checked, buy glasses and lenses can become quite tiresome. The online shopping service enables you to shop right from where you are.

Products And Services At Walmart Vision Centers

1. Eyewear

Walmart vision centers offer sunglasses, prescription glasses, reading glasses, computer glasses, and contacts. They also have basic single vision lenses, no-line bifocals, and line bifocals.

2. Lenses

Walmart sells tinted clear, transition, and polarized lenses. They also have a variety of protective coating options for lenses. If you have old lenses and would want them to be put in the new frame, Walmart can do that, too.

3. Eye exams

It’s advisable to do eye exams before you get a prescription and a new pair of glasses. The optometrists at Walmart optical do provide these exams.

Walmart Vision Centre Pricing

Apart from the optical center, the multination retail giant offers local bank branches, hair and nail salons, pet shop, and pharmacy e.tc. The following are estimate prices for those with no insurance. The prices do vary according to location.

Routine eye exam starts from around  $75.00, while  Routine + Contact lens fitting is also estimated to be from $125.00, Visual field screening at $15.00, and lastly, Retinal photo at $29.00.

Many think that Walmart prices are low, but they are slightly lower than the private practices prices. The one thing that makes Walmart vision centers different is that they give value for what you pay.

Quality Of Walmart Vision Centre Doctors

Some people believe that private practice eye doctors are the only ones who offer good eye examinations. However, both independent and Walmart optometrists do offer quality eye examinations.

The doctors hired by Walmart are licensed and fully certified. Most optometrists working at Walmart vision centers have been hired by Walmart and do work as their employees. Others are independent doctors who have leased their equipment, office, and staff to Walmart.

Walmart also gives you the chance to have a one on one consultation service. You get the chance to meet professional optometrists and explain your specific needs. The doctors help you find out the best products (you might save some dollars).

Making An Appointment At Walmart Vision Centre

First, you have to find a Walmart vision center near you. The store finder website or app is the best tool that can help you locate it.

You then schedule an eye exam by calling the availed vision center number. An associate at the store will help you set up the appointment.

Alternatives To Walmart Vision Centre

Don’t be stressed if you are quite unsure of the products and services offered at Walmart. There are several other optical centers and companies that of the same services.

Online sellers

1.Liingo Eyewear

Liingo Eyewear was founded in 2016 by 1-800 contacts.  Liingo offers quite the same services like Walmart’s vision.

They have a free return for 60 days policy. This gives you the chance to wear and test the Liingo glasses for sixty days. If you don’t love them, then you are free to return. No questions will be asked.

Liingo offers free shipping. Shipping fees have always been a turn-off for many customers. Most people feel like they are exploited through the shipping fee. Liingo covers the shipping fees at all times and ensures the ordered product reaches you on time.

Linger also makes free adjustments to their Liingo glasses. In case of a need for adjustment, you can walk to any of their stores and ask for adjustments. If the store happens to charge you, lingo reimburses up to 25%

2. Warby Parker

It was founded in 2010. It offers online shopping services for prescription glasses and sunglasses. Warby Parker’s online services are quite interesting.

They have a home try-on policy. When in need of glasses, you visit their website and select 5 frames that interest you. Warby Parker will ship them for free.

You try the 5 selected frames in 5 days and choose the one you like. You make it your own by making a purchase online. After the purchase, a fresh new pair is sent to you. Their packaging is unique too.

After the 5 days are up, you are expected to place the frames back in the boxes and mail them with the prepaid return label.

Warby Parker also has a program that supports the needy. It is called Buy a pair, Give a pair. They have a partner who helps them ensure that a pair is distributed to some in need for every glass-bought pair.

So by shopping with them, you will be touching another life

3. Zenni optical

It started small in Francisco bay but has since grown into a phenomenon. Zenni has grown into an online optical industry leader.

Unlike other optometry and websites, Zenni owns its prescription glasses manufacturing facility. It owns a 248,000 square meters facility, which houses Edging labs and RX.

All customer orders are produced at their factory with the best machine and sophisticated procedures.

After manufacturing, it undergoes a quality control process. It is then carefully packed into the Zenni eyeglass case, plus complimentary lens clothe.

They do their shipping through Fed Ex, USPS, UPS, and other career services. The glasses are delivered after around two weeks from the time of order.

Vision Retailers

Costco vision centers

It is a multi-billion retailer that was founded in 1976. It has hundreds of locations and does provide a wide range of merchandise.

Like Walmart vision, Costco is committed to quality and has 4000 store keeping units, plus other 30,000 found in the supermarkets.

Target vision

Target vision is quite handy when it comes to using insurance; they accept almost all insurance plans.

Their products are also well priced; a complete set of glasses (frame + lenses) is priced at only$99.

Vision optical also offers various brands such as RALPH, Vogue, Coach, Ray-Ban, and Oakley.

Lens crafter

They have 100+ stores with a dedicated team of workers and doctors. Their products do have a one-year added warranty plan.

Lens crafter offers aftercare services for any product bought from them at all of their locations. Lens crafter also has an online platform, and any product bought online is delivered to your local store.

They do accept many vision insurance plans.


An annual eye exam is quite important. Regular eye check-ups help protect your vision and ensure you are up to date with your prescription.

Choosing an eye care center can be difficult. Even finding that eye care center that will accept your insurance cover is a no-brainer too. Do not worry; several centers do provide optical services.

Walmart vision center is one of the centers that offer good optical products and services at a good price. It does accept several insurances, but this mostly depends on your location.

Walmart vision center is very convenient because it has many stores around the country and offers online services.

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