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Benefits Of IFS Applications To Grow Your Organization


Things can change in the blink of an eye, as the global pandemic showed us. Every business must prepare for any eventuality, as demonstrated by the fact nobody saw the pandemic coming and having the effects it did. A business must be flexible, adapt to changing market trends, and do so quickly so it doesn’t fall behind competitors. The right business management program helps them achieve this goal. What should business owners look for when choosing a program of this type? 

A Single Product with Multiple Uses

One reason a company may choose to learn more about IFS Applications is they want an integrated program. They have grown tired of using multiple solutions and want something that can fulfill their needs. IFS Applications brings together service, asset, project, supply chain, and manufacturing core processes under one umbrella. This program provides horizontal solutions to ensure it meets every need of the user. 

Supply Chain Transparency

Manufacturing today involves moving parts beyond those found in the machinery used to produce products. Many companies benefit from multiple factories, warehouses, and distribution centers. However, keeping track of these facilities is a challenge. For this reason, the manufacturer must ensure they have a robust supply chain management solution. With the use of IFS Applications, a company finds they benefit from a single mapping between internal part numbers and those provided by the manufacturer. Intelligent purchasing management helps cut costs, and the business can monitor inventory levels in real time. 

A Scalable Program

Business needs change over time. A company will experience slow periods and periods of high demand. In the past, the business would invest in hardware and software to handle busy periods. It would then be forced to maintain these assets during slow times. Today, cloud computing makes it easy to scale resources as needed without paying for unnecessary items during slow periods. The company requests an increase in resources as needed and pays the extra fee. The provider then supplies the necessary resources. 

Increased Productivity

Any software program only benefits a company when employees use it. Many companies choose IFS Applications because they find the user experience to be intuitive and efficient. Every employee will find what they need to carry out their tasks without difficulty. Employees spend less time learning and navigating software and more time completing tasks. Overall productivity increases and the company’s bottom line benefits. 

Custom Solutions

Business owners love the fact that IFS Applications offers a complete ERP solution in one platform. However, they worry that this might mean they must use a one-size-fits-all platform. That’s not the case. Every business can customize the program to meet its specific needs. They configure the program for the industry and company to give each business a competitive edge. As employees throughout the organization use the program, collaboration, communication, and efficiency all increase. 

Work From Home Options

The global pandemic changed the way people work today. Many individuals continue to work from home at least one or two days a week, and some people have yet to return to the workplace. In fact, they may never do so. IFS Applications benefits from the cloud infrastructure, which allows employees to work anywhere they are. All they need to do so is an internet connection and a smart device. This means the company needs less physical office space for employees, freeing up money for other functions that benefit the business. 

Companies find IFS Applications benefit their organizations. The previously mentioned benefits are only a few of the many a company will see when using this program. Learn more today to determine if this option is right for your organization. 

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