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5 Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Treadmill


5 Tips for Getting the Most out of Your TreadmillTreadmills, stationary bikes and other cardio machines that make it easier to squeeze in a workout at home can be a terrific asset. Regular exercise is essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Finding ways to get the most out of a treadmill can go a long way towards ensuring fitness goals are more likely to be met.

1. Make It a Habit

Treadmills that only see occasional use can quickly end up being forgotten entirely. Making the treadmill an established part of the daily routine means a more consistent work out. A walk or run is a great way to start off the day or to deal with stress in the evenings.

2. Mix Things Up

While a treadmill can provide a more convenient alternative to the gym, even the most convenient workout options can still become monotonous. Varying the workout each day can help to keep things fresh and interesting. Mixing up the speed, incline and resistance settings frequently can also help to ensure superior results.

3. Multitasking During Workouts

One of the main advantages to using a treadmill rather than running on pavement is the opportunity to multitask. Audio books, catching up on the news or getting a jump-start on the workday can all be done during a cardio workout. A smartphone, tablet or even a plain old television is all it takes to ensure that time spent on the treadmill can be made as productive as possible.

4. Stretching and Flexibility

Flexibility is an important fitness metric that is too-often overlooked. Stretching before and after a workout can help to minimize the risk of a sports injury and may even help to ensure optimal results. Stretching afterwards can be a great way to cool down. The increased flexibility that a stretching routine can provide can have a number of important long-term benefits.

5. Stick With It

Even the most strenuous workout or fitness routine may be of no real benefit to those who fail to stick with it. Trying to juggle a busy schedule or to handle multiple responsibilities often means that there is no time left in the day to hit the gym or visit the track. The convenience that treadmills and other home-workout equipment can provide can help to ensure greater consistency.

The health risks associated with a sedentary lifestyle are not to be taken lightly. Running or even walking can be an effective form of exercise, one that can improve the body’s metabolic function and improve cardiovascular health. Finding ways to get the most out of a treadmill can make it much easier to squeeze in a workout, stick with a fitness routine and to get the regular exercise the body needs in order to remain fit and healthy.


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