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4 Ways to Use Gabion


4 Ways to Use GabionGabion is a versatile material.It’s been used for hundreds of years in everything from civil engineering, to military applications and road building. People have seen that it’s great for landscaping and design purposes in their homes as well. Here’s a bit about this material and 4 ways you might use it in your own space.

1.Use Gabion In Your Pool Area

Whether you have an in ground pool or an above ground pool, you can use gabion. One option is to use the gabion to make a wall that frames the pool and sets it apart. This gives a touch of natural beauty to your pool area.

Another option that you have is to surround your above ground pool with gabion The gabion can hide the pool structure, and also can protect it. Gabion can give the pool stability, which may help increase its longevity.

2. Use Gabion To Make A Fire Pit Or Fireplace

Having a place to have a cook out, sing songs, or tell spooky stories on a crisp fall night is a great treat. You can use gabion to add a fire pit or fireplace to your backyard or outdoor space easily.

There are kits available for making gabion fire pits, which makes this option even more accessible. If you go the custom route, there are options such as glass stones you can use to make your fire pit even more beautiful and enjoyable.

3.Use Gabion To Make Furniture

The natural or rustic look for furniture can be very appealing. You can use gabion to make furniture including benches,desks,and. tables easily. Start with a gabion base, and add a strong,stable top to your piece to complete lt.

The furniture can be used inside or outside, depending on your needs and goals. You can use glass stones and different colored stones in the gabion to match the decor and make your pieces work in your space if your pieces are going indoors.

4. Use Gabion To Build A Retaining Wall

Retaining walls are probably what gabion gets used for most commonly. If you have areas in your yard or property that you want to keep in place, it is a great option. Gabion works well to keep things stable, while also adding to the natural beauty of the outdoor space.

Having retaining walls is helpful in preventing flooding and erosion. It can also assist in reducing maintenance of the space. A gabion retaining wall can be beautiful and functional.

The uses for gabion are varied. You can find so many options for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Next time you have a home improvement project, keep gabion in mind.


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