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6 Ways To Wear Shiny Black Leggings


6 Ways To Wear Shiny Black Leggings

If there is one essential that all women have in their closet, it is shiny leggings. Not only are they insanely comfortable, but they are equally very versatile.

Great for practical outfits like running errands and equally great for when you want to have a more comfortable outfit when out with your girlfriends, you can style your shiny leggings in multiple ways.

In fact, we would go as far as to say that if you are going to invest in one quintessential piece of clothing then it should absolutely be leggings. You can use them at the gym. You can use them for a date night. You can even use them to work.

Women have gotten more and more creative with how they are styling their favorite pieces of clothing. So we have rounded up all of the top tips so that if you want to look chic, stylish, athletic, or rock any other look, you will know how to do so with leggings.

Here are the best ways to wear shiny black leggings for any occasion.

1. Wear Them As Tights

One great way to really impress with your black leggings is to actually wear them as tights. In fact, the leggings paired with a plaid dress and boots is one of the cutest looks you can pull out this fall.

Providing a bit more thickness and flair than regular tights, you will have an effortlessly cool look that is equally comfortable to wear.

The black shiny leggings will actually work with any type of dress—not just plaid. And if you have the right type of boots, you will be able to easily wear leggings with them for any occasion.

Or, you can switch the plaid dress for an oversized plaid shirt, leggings, boots and a cowboy hat. You will have the perfect western cowgirl look going on—with shiny leggings being one of the key components of this ensemble.

2. Wear Them With A Long Cardigan

Or, switch the dress and legging combo for a long cardigan and leggings look. While some may argue that leggings are not pants, they are in fact when they have that shiny legging look to them.

Think of them like leather pants, but a whole lot more comfortable to wear. Plus, when paired with a long cardigan, you will never even know the difference. The long cardigan will distract from the fact that your pants are in fact leggings while equally giving you a really flattering shape to work with.

This combo is absolutely perfect for when you want a simple and comfortable outfit to wear this fall. Perfect for coffee shop outings and trips to the pumpkin patch, this combo will likely be your go-to this season.

3. Wear Them With A Sweater Dress

Or, perhaps, you want to switch out the cardigan for a sweater dress. It looks a bit weird to wear a sweater dress with bare legs, which is why the shiny leggings come in handy. Not only will you be able to stay warm, but the shiny leggings will keep the chic vibes going strong. You will also be able to pair this up with a solid pair of boots too.

4. Wear Them With A Blazer

Of course, one of the best ways to style shiny leggings for a more sophisticated and even corporate office look is by pairing them with an oversized blazer. All of a sudden you have gone from laid-back comfort to corporate chic—especially if you add a velvet headband and gold hoops to the mix as well.

This look is preppy and powerful, while still letting you feel all the cozy vibes from your shiny leggings. The best way to finish this look off is with some ballet flats as well.

5. Wear Them With A Blouse

Of course, you can keep it super simple and simply pair the shiny leggings with a really cute colored blouse. The black shiny leggings will literally make any other color pop—from hot pink to mustard yellow. This is a great way to add some color to your outfit with class and style.

Of course, you can even rock the patterned blouses that pair really nicely against the solid black pants.

6. Wear Them With A Big Sweater

Fall is all about sweater weather. So why not take out your coziest sweater and pair it with your shiny leggings? This will give you the perfect balance of fitted and baggy, while also creating a very put-together look. A great way to take this outfit up a notch is by also pairing it with chunkier combat boots, which gives this look a whole new level of cool.


Shiny leggings are a must in every wardrobe, especially with these six diverse looks that you can pull off with them.

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