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The Exterior Design Elements You Need To Revamp Your Home


The Exterior Design Elements You Need To Revamp Your Home

First impressions matter, especially for home exteriors that influence buyers long before they walk through the front door. However, significant redesigns often require major investments in full replacements that just aren’t in the budget. The good news? Targeted upgrades in a few key areas let homes make an outsized aesthetic impact without breaking the bank. By focusing on statement elements with custom details, homeowners refresh curb appeal and rediscover their property’s personality. Read on for four exterior revamp tips that protect budgets while dramatically enhancing how your home presents to the neighborhood.

LP® SmartSide® Siding

Among today’s replacement siding options, LP® SmartSide® stands out for its durability and visual appeal. This engineered wood siding contains treated strands for moisture, fungal, and termite resistance. The proprietary SmartGuard® manufacturing process compresses fibers tightly for superior density that resists impacts far better than vinyl or fiber cement. On top of structural security, one thing that’s important to know about LP Smartside siding is that it comes primed and ready to paint in a variety of textures, from smooth planks to rustic shakes. Its natural wood look adds charming curb appeal. Given exceptional longevity and insulation value-boosting energy savings, LP SmartSide makes an ideal anchor for revamping any exterior redesign.

Statement Windows

Nothing modernizes a home’s look quite like oversized statement windows. Trade small, oddly placed designs for expansive glass, letting light flood interiors. Casement styles opened wide welcome breezy cross-ventilation alongside eye-catching views. Black or metallic frames pop against exterior siding for some contemporary drama. Installing a unique arched window over the entryway lends dimensionality too. As replacements cost just a fraction of full walls, a few strategic showstoppers affordably refresh things.

Architectural Features

Beyond surface-level accents, incorporating custom architectural details creates visual drama from roof to foundation. Swap dull horizontal banding for gables, arches, and creative eave designs that play with dimension and light. Mix up exterior finishes, too – try contrasting stonework or brick on partial elevations. For the roofline itself, steep pitches amplified with new roof windows add angles otherwise missing. Painting the front door an eye-catching hue shouldn’t be overlooked, either. Though subtle separately, combining architectural punches modernizes traditional homes or amplifies contemporary ones with bespoke elements upping perceived value exponentially. Don’t shy away from getting creative!

Landscaping Elements

Well-designed green elements take home exteriors from boring to sensational. Sculptural trees, modern garden sculptures, and stone water features lend an editorial flair. Notably, low-voltage accent lighting illuminates walkways with atmosphere. For porches and patios, hang decorative pendant lights overhead and arrange some potted plants or benches around a focal fire pit. With the right mix of greenery, hardscaping, and illuminations, homes glow alluringly from the street once dusk falls.

Specialty Garage Doors

As prominent facets facing the street, garage doors hugely impact first impressions of home exteriors. Trade vanilla roll-up panels for modern carriage house designs with decorative hardware and window moldings built-in for architectural detail. Wood composite alternatives mimic the rich patina of real wood over steel without ongoing maintenance. Complement with color-matched entry doors boasting bright exterior hardware for some punch. On their own, specialty garage doors redefine curb appeal impressively.

Minor upgrades with outsized impact transform the way the home’s exterior is present. Rather than full-scale recladding projects, these targeted revamps make economic sense, heightening aesthetic qualities. With the right accents, home buyers discover renewed possibilities in properties they previously may have overlooked. Curb appeal holds incredible power. Remember that when strategizing your next exterior refresh!

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