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Samsung Might Have Given Us a Clue to What Galaxy S8 Plus Will Look Like


Samsung Might Have Given Us a Clue to What Galaxy S8 Plus Will Look LikeSamsung may have shown us too much about its new phone – Galaxy S8 Plus. The company is claimed to have published a page on its India website that may well be the support page of the upcoming smartphone. However, if you go to the page now, you will find an error, which raises lots of questions. Did Samsung reveal its new smartphone by accident? Or was it a planned leakage? Is the information about the phone proper?

There were so many rumors regarding the Galaxy S8 Plus model along with its sibling that will be smaller in size, but no data by the developer was given before Tuesday. With this accidental (or not) leakage we have firstly read the name of the phone by the company.

Now, Samsung are considered to be changing their standard plans after the dramatic Note 7 blowing-up problem. The company has to do something quickly to regain the customers’ trust, and they may have decided to release the new phone earlier. The phones will be with curved screens, contrasting with the previous releases of the two versions of S7. This means Samsung is going fully forward to the new technologies.

If the information appears to be true, this will mean that the company has mastered their new technology and they don’t need a “straight” back up anymore. For now, most companies give good reviews of the new screens, calling it a step to the future of smartphones.

Talking about the page with the error, there’s only one thing you will find there besides the error message – the name of the model. And now it isn’t Galaxy S8 Plus – it’s SM-G955FD, which is considered to be a code name all the phones have. If you decide to find additional info by typing the model name into the search field of the website, it will help you finish the code. This means there is some phone with such a name.

However, Samsung not only refuse to comment the existence of the page, they also say there will be no presentation of the new phone at this year’s Mobile World Congress. However, there are other rumors saying the phone will be released all of a sudden on March 29th.

There’s not much info on the phone, but it’s speculated the smaller version will have a 5.8-inch display, while the Plus will have a 6.2-inch one. There’s also unproven information that the phones will have different battery capacities – 3,250 mAh and 3,750 mAh respectively.