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8 Reasons Concrete Is the Go-To Building Material In Cass County


Considering a new parking lot for your business? Want to add an addition to your commercial building? Business owners have a lot of options when it comes to choosing materials. Yet, many business owners and contractors continue choosing concrete as their go-to building material. Here are a few of the top reasons that builders love concrete.

Highly Durable

Concrete is one of the most durable materials available. In fact, most concrete buildings are designed to last a minimum of 30 years and sometimes, can easily last up to 100 years. Even better, concrete requires minimal maintenance and upkeep. Concrete materials can withstand extreme weather, heat, and damage. It’s also unlikely to rust or rot.

Cass County, Indiana, is subject to heavy rain during the spring, extreme heat in the summer, and ample snowfall in the winter. This makes concrete one of Indiana’s best and most weather-resistant materials for commercial and residential properties. Even states that are subject to high-wind hurricanes typically choose concrete because of its high durability.


Concrete is also a cost-effective, budget-friendly material. Because concrete lasts so long, it may have higher up-front costs than some other building materials. However, with minimal maintenance and upkeep requirements, you’ll likely save in the long run. You may also notice a lower insurance premium with concrete since it’s more likely to hold up from water or fire damage. This reduced risk may result in insurance companies offering a small discount.


Concrete is also highly fire-resistant. This means it’s unlikely to collapse even if your commercial building experiences a fire. Indiana is just as prone to fires as any other state in the country, making it important to choose fire-resistant materials. Concrete materials are also highly resistant to other chemical types, making it an excellent choice for storage units or chemical storage facilities.

Fast Build Time

New build and add-on projects that use concrete can often be completed much faster than when using other material types. Concrete is also easy to source, and with the right concrete pump service, you can even have it delivered right to your project site. 


Your construction crew and project managers will enjoy the ease of professional concrete pumping that allows them to stick to their intended timeline. The quick speed of using concrete materials also makes it a great option for projects on a strict timeline. For example, concrete is one of the most commonly used materials when making building repairs following an earthquake or hurricane.


Concrete is also one of the safest materials you can use in your building project. It’s easy to work with and presents minimal risks. Many contractors, construction workers, and project managers are also used to working with concrete. Once installed, it is unlikely to move, meaning it’s also safe when engineers, electricians, and plumbers begin their part of the building project. You can also easily monitor concrete development to ensure it’s installed according to your building plans.


Concrete is a very sturdy material, meaning it also results in a quiet building. Both residential and commercial property owners will enjoy the thick concrete walls and floors that don’t allow noise to travel between rooms. Concrete may be especially beneficial in office buildings that require a great degree of confidentiality. It also makes for high-quality materials in apartment or condo buildings where multiple residents may live together.


You might even be surprised to learn that concrete is also energy-efficient. The durability and versatility of concrete help it maintain cool air or heat without allowing it to escape. Concrete is also a natural insulator, making it an excellent material when energy efficiency in a project is a priority. You may find securing a tenant for your concrete commercial building easier. An energy-efficient commercial property can reduce tenants’ heating and cooling bills, acting as a highly desirable selling point. Additionally, newer concrete materials tend to be even more energy-efficient.


Concrete is also one of the most versatile materials. It can be used in a wide range of projects, including flooring, walls, roofs, and foundations. You can also add additional design elements over top of concrete to customize a home or office. Some designers may install a wood floor over top of concrete. Others may add designer walls over top of a concrete wall. 


Even if the property sustains fire or water damage, the concrete underneath is unlikely to be affected, making repairs easier. The versatility of concrete is also why it’s a popular material used when building roads and bridges.


Concrete continues to be one of the most durable and commonly used materials when building residential and commercial properties. Fire-resistant, water-resistant, energy-efficient, and cost-effective are just a few great reasons to consider concrete for your next project.

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