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How To Open Vaultz Lock Box Forgot Combination- A Guide


How To Open Vaultz Lock Box Forgot Combination

Lock mechanisms come in all shapes and designs. We have unique patterns emerging every day and different styles of locks.

What is surprising is that despite the evolution of locks, the Vaultz lock has remained unchanged for years. The mechanism is still as unique as when it was first invented.

Vaultz locks are simple yet highly effective mechanisms. They unlock when you enter the right number combination. The locks are safe and reliable.

A huge challenge with Vaultz boxes is that they are quite difficult to open if you forget the combination. These boxes are incredibly secure, and accessing them might be challenging.

Once you have set your combination, it is prudent that you note it down somewhere you wouldn’t forget or send the code to your email.

How To Open Vault Lock Box Forgot Combination

Because of their secure nature, it isn’t easy to open a locked Vaultz box without the correct combination. The devices are security items. It means that the boxes cannot be reset using a default number.

A mundane alternative would be to guess the right combination starting from 000 or 0001 to 999 or 9999. If it is a three-digit code, you have 999 possible permutations, and even worse, 9999 for four-digit numbers.

You can still get your items out of the box, but it would mean destroying either the lock or the box. You have to compromise the box, and you can never use it again.

1. Pry the lock off the box.

Removing the lock will make it possible for you to open the box. You will need a strong, rigid tool with a flat head. 

You will also need a sturdy block that can act as a pivot. A screwdriver and a hammer can do the trick well.

Step 1: Chip away on the side of the lock.

Using the screwdriver, or even a trowel, try to chip at the base of the locking mechanism. The idea is to create some clearance where the tool can go underneath.

Step 2: Set the pivot

Insert the flat-head screwdriver into the clearance once you have created enough of a clearance. Lift the screwdriver using the handle and place the hummer underneath the screwdriver to lie across the screwdriver’s body. Push the hummer towards the heat as far as you can.

Step 3: Pry the lock off.

Apply downward pressure on the handle while firmly holding the hammer(pivot). The lock should lift off the Vaultz box. Ensure that you remove the locking mechanism completely.

Step 4: Open the box

Once you take the lock off, the box should open without resistance.

2. Saw the lock off

Sawing the lock off will allow you to access the contents of the box. You will need the following equipment:

  • A face shield

It will protect your face from shrapnel when sawing off the combination lock.

  • A pair of safety gloves

They will protect your hands from shrapnel when sawing off the combination lock.

  • A Portable grinder

You will need a portable grinder, as they are easy to manipulate

  • A grit disc

It would help if you got underneath the lock mechanism.


Step 1: Clear the area

Ensure that you have enough open space. Turn off any leaking gas in the vicinity, and stay away from flammable.

Step 2: Attach the grit disc to the portable saw

Ensure that the grit disc is properly secured to the saw. You should place the disc firmly to prevent it from bolting away when cutting the lock.

Step 3: Cut the lock

Align the grit disc to the lock and steadily cut the lock. It would help if you did not cut along the vertical plane but horizontally until the lock falls off. Cut the lock so that the sparks fly away rather than towards your body. Turn off the grinder when you are done.

Step 4: Open the box

Once you take the lock off, the box should open without resistance.

3. Cut the Vaultz lockbox

Cutting the Vaultz lockbox should be a measure of last resort. You are advised not to cut the box but remove the lock because you can always attach a new lock. Once you cut the box, it becomes useless.

Before you cut the box, ensure that the items are away from the area where you plan to make the incision. 

It would be best to place the Vaultz lockbox vertically so the items slide toward the bottom. You will need the following items:

  • A helmet with a face shield

When slicing off the combination lock, it will shield your face from shrapnel.

  • A pair of protective gloves

These will shield your hands from shrapnel When slicing through the box.

  • A portable grinder.

You’ll need a portable grinder because they’re convenient.

  • A 1.5mm grit disc 

It’s the cutting tool.


Step 1: Attach the grit disc

Secure the grit disc to prevent it from bolting away as you cut, as it could cause serious injuries.

Step 2: Cut the Vaultz box

Position the box on the vertical plane. Use a ruler and a marker to trace a cutting line about one inch from the edge.

Cut along the line you have traced, and remove the top. Turn off the grinder.

Step 3: Access the contents

Allow the top to cool before reaching for the contents of the box.

Setting Up A Vaultz Lock Box For The First Time

You have ordered your Vaultz Lock Box, and it has finally arrived. How do you set your password for the first time? The set-up process is really simple. Let’s get started, shall we?

The first thing to check when you have received the box is a plastic safety tab. The numbers should read 000 or 0000 depending on whether you use a three- or four-digit model.

It would help if you slid the button to the opposite direction of the numbers. Doing so unlocks the box.

Remove the safety tab from the combination lock.

Slide the black button towards the numbers. When the button is away from the numbers, choose the combination lock you wish to use. 

It is a very important step, as once you have selected the numbers, you can no longer reset the lock using the 0000 or 000 combinations.

Let go of the black button and note down your new combination; it is now your new code.

Once you have the new code, it is time to test it. Randomize the numbers. Enter your code and slide the black button away. The box should open with ease.

It would be best to always remember to randomize the digits after using the Vaultz box to prevent someone from gaining access to it.

Creative Ways To Use Your Vaultz Lock Box

A Vaultz lockbox could have many uses, depending on the size, shape, and number of compartments. Here are some uses:

1. Storage for corporate files

Vaultz lockboxes are used to securely store important corporate files such as tax returns, payroll journals, and other statutory documents.

2. Secure weapons

A Vaultz lockbox is just as secure as a gun safe. These boxes are ideal for keeping weapons where curious children can’t access them.

3. Stash valuables

You can use your Vaultz security box as temporary storage for huge sums of cash, title deeds, precious jewelry, and other things of sentimental importance. These boxes are secure enough to protect your valuables.

4. Travel Case

A Vaultz box can work as an extra secure travel case depending on the shape and dimensions.

Why Are Vaultz Cases So Good?

Vaultz lockboxes are popular because:

1. They prevent theft

Unless you have access to the actual code, you cannot access the box’s contents. These boxes also lack a default reset code.

2. They are fire-resistant

Vaultz lockboxes can withstand fire. Even if the box is set ablaze, all your belongings will be intact.

3. They are portable

Most Vaultz boxes are portable. They come equipped with a pair, or two sets of wheels, depending on the size of the unit.

4. The boxes are multipurpose

There are so many uses for Vaultz lockboxes that we have already discussed in the article.


Vaultz boxes are secure devices that you can use to store valuable items. They also double as suitcases. These boxes are incredibly difficult to open without the right combination. It has made them popular for storing sensitive items.

Vaultz boxes use a three- or four-digit combination lock. You must enter these digits in the exact sequence; otherwise, they could not work. It would help if you never forgot the digits, as you would need to destroy the lock or box to access the contents.

Once you have set the combination, store the pin in a secure location like an email or a locked folder on your personal computer.

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