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How To Make Your Home Smarter With Eco-friendly Devices 


How To Make Your Home Smarter With Eco-friendly Devices 

If you are a green tech enthusiast, you might have looked forward to making your home smarter with eco-friendly devices. 

The impact of humans on the natural environment brought about the need to use more eco-friendly tech to save it. 

If you ever need an eco-friendly device, check out these eco-friendly gadgets. Eco-friendly technology helps us reduce the energy we consume every day, hence decreasing the impact of humans on the natural environment. 

We’ll take you through how to make your home smarter with eco-friendly devices. 

How To Make Your Home Smarter With Eco-friendly Devices

As the saying goes, charity begins at home, and all efforts to have a cleaner environment shall also begin at home. 

Having a smart and eco-friendly home means reducing the waste you put in the natural environment. 

All the efforts will result in a cleaner, more useful environment for all living creatures. But how do you make your home smarter with eco-friendly devices? Here’s how: 

1. Get Your Kitchen a Smart Water Filtration System 

Engineers have made this water filtration system fit perfectly into your kitchen. The filter can get rid of up to 99% of lead in your water and other contaminants that might be present.  

Having cleaner water from your water taps will help you stop purchasing bottled water. You can then comfortably switch to reusable bottled water, which will help reduce the amount of plastic waste in the environment. 

The best thing about smart water filtration systems is that they come with an app that can track the amount of water you use per day. You can also extend the lifetime of your water filter by using it only when you need it. 

2. Install A Smart Thermostat

Various smart thermostats in the market today can help you achieve your goal of having an eco-friendly smart home. 

The type of thermostat you use will greatly depend on your budget and the quality features you’ll get from your thermostat. 

A basic smart thermostat can learn your daily habits to set the temperature exactly how you want it. 

It will study the patterns of the times you need to raise the house’s temperature and when you’ll need to cool it. Later, the thermostat will heat and cool the house only when it has to. 

A smart thermostat will save on the cost of energy by decreasing the amount of energy you use each day.  

According to digital trends, a smart thermostat can generate full reports on energy usage. From this report, you can see the times that you use too much energy and make the necessary corrections.  

3. Installing A Smart Plug

A smart plug is an intelligent device that allows you to keep track of the amount of energy all your devices are using. 

The smart plug can also track devices that do not have an automation feature, including lamps and fans. 

With the help of Google Assistant or Alexa, you can use smart plugs to turn your electrical appliances on or off. 

The plug can also show you how much energy each appliance uses. Once you know the appliances that consume more energy, you can use them sparingly, resulting in a more eco-friendly home. 

4. Smart Shower Head Lights

Smart shower light is another interesting eco-friendly device that lights up while you shower. This device will display different types of light to show you the quantity of water that you use to bathe. 

The best thing about this eco-friendly device is that it comes with an app from which you can set a water limit to use in the shower. 

Furthermore, the device will give you honest feedback on the amount of water you use every time you shower. 

Smart shower headlights will generate energy from the flow of water in the shower to reduce energy consumption. Therefore, you will save on the cost of both water and electricity bills.  

5. Smart Garden Water System

According to SFGate, sprinklers will waste 30 to 50 percent of water through evaporations leading to an increase in water bills.  

You have to get a smart water sprinkling system to solve this problem. A smart garden water sprinkling system will adjust to your garden’s needs and accurately water it. 

The smart garden watering system will take note of the weather, area, and type of plants in your garden. The smart device will use these notes to ensure you only use enough water in your garden. 

This eco-friendly device will help you save a lot of water from going to waste, reducing water bills cost. 

6. Smart Food Composter 

Smart food composters can reduce food scraps by up to two-thirds in 24 hours. A smart food composter will help you compost your food properly, reducing the amount of waste food that goes to landfills. 

You can also remain with compost manure that you can pour into your garden to make it more fertile. Most smart food composters are fully automatic, and you can control them using an application. 

7. Smart Solar Security System

You cannot feel safe in your house without a security system. A smart solar security system will provide security and preserve your energy consumption as it uses solar energy. 

These devices will only need a few hours of sunlight daily to operate. They are also quite easy to install. They will provide details of what transpires in your house at any time. 


Now you know how to make your home smarter with eco-friendly devices. Eco-friendly devices are game changers when it comes to reducing human environmental impact. 

They can help you save on the cost of operations of the house, including water and electricity bills. 

These devices will also help you track the usage of resources in your house. Therefore, you can decide on the step to take in creating your eco-friendly home. 

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