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What Is A Female Dog Called? Pet Tips


What is a Female Dog Called

Dogs have become one of the most popular pets in the United States and the world. Many do refer to dog as man’s best friend.

Dogs are crossbred with other dogs and even with wolves to give a wide range of breeds.

There are small dogs like Chihuahuas and large dogs like the Doberman pinscher. Mating dogs of different breeds bred these dogs.

Mating needed a keen understanding of the female dog that would be used in the mating. Understanding dogs is a crucial part of being a pet owner. Not just for breeding but the general health of the dog.

Before going deeper, let us understand the naming of dogs.

What is a female dog called?

A female dog is called a bitch. A dog is a general term, but it refers to male dogs. The word bitch was used to describe the female dog long before someone decided to make an insult out of it. It has become the everyday use of the word that has lost its proper meaning.

The Best Names For Your Female Dog

Getting a new dog is exciting and fun. It comes with numerous responsibilities, and one of them is picking out a name for your dog.

Your new dog needs a name she can identify with. It is a name the dog will use for the rest of its life, so give it a lot of thought before committing to a name.

Dogs are brilliant, and they will, with time, know what their name is. Naming a dog is like naming a child. You give it a name you and your loved ones can connect to.

You need to select a good name depending on your emotional needs, the dog’s appearance, habits, or just any name you want. The name could be cute, unique, or bizarre if you want. It’s all up to you.

Some names are well known to be for female dogs. Avoid family member names. Most people will be offended if you name a dog after them. Get a new name, one none of your loved ones have.

The name could come from an inspirational movie you liked.  You could, for instance, name your dog Elsa from ‘Frozen’ if you liked the movie.

You could name a ferocious dog Arya after the Game of Thrones character. There are millions of names you could give your dog; you need to think.  When it comes to naming dogs, there is no limit.

A dog could also get named from nature, maybe a flower you like, such as Lily or Daisy. For your dog’s name to be unique, you would have to be creative, think outside the box.

If you don’t have any ideas, here are some of the most common female dog names; Coco, Zoey, Daisy, Maggie, Roxy, Molly, Lola, Sophie, Bailey, Ginger, Chloe, Lily, Lucy, and Zoe.

Signs Of Pregnancy In Dogs

Pregnancy and sickness signs in dogs are quite similar. You’ll need extra levels of keenness to be able to distinguish the signs. You can also take your dog for diagnostics tests; it’s the most accurate.

Some of the most notable signs are; Weight gain, swollen belly, increase in nipple size, more affectionate, tires more quickly, increase in nipple size, irritability, and increase in appetite.

How To Know Your Dog Is Pregnant

The dog is limited in several ways. It is your duty as its owner to care for it. Several methods are used to determine if a dog is pregnant; they include.

1. Palpation

If you are certain about the dates when you did breed your dog, your veterinary doctor can help perform the abdominal palpation. It’s done starting at approximately 28-30 days from the day of breeding.

At this stage of pregnancy, the developing puppies do feel like small golf balls. These small balls are fluid-filled sacks surrounding the uterus.

2. Ultrasound

Alternatively, you can take the dog for an ultrasound between 25 to 30 days of gestation.  Ultrasound detects fetal heartbeats. It can also help in knowing the exact number of puppies being carried by the bitch.

3. Hormone test

The veterinarian does it at about 25 to 30 days of gestation. The doctor measures its hormone level to determine if there is the production of relaxin.  Hormone Relaxin is only produced when the dog is pregnant.

4. X-ray

It’s also an effective way to check if a dog is pregnant. However, the X-ray is done after 55 days or more. It is from this time that the skeletal systems of the puppies are seen.

Taking Care Of A Pregnant Dog

When you’re confident that your dog is pregnant, there are several activities you should do to ensure the dog stays healthy. It will ensure the dog gives birth to healthy puppies.

1. Good nutrition

The dog should be is on a good and healthy diet. If it was already on good quality food, you could maintain the food. You can only change the food if instructed by your veterinarian.


It’s advisable to limit strenuous exercises during the first two weeks. It guarantees the proper implantation of the embryos. After that, you can take it through the routine exercises until your dog’s belly is enlarged.

3. Visits to the vet

Before breeding, you should take your dog to the vet for a parental checkup. The vet will ensure your dog is up to date on its vaccines. You can also enquire about things to do in the case of an emergency during birth.

Activities For Dogs

Indoor activities

Storms, rainy days, and extreme temperatures can spoil your outside plans with your dog, such as going to the dog park, playing fetch, etc.

The Covid 19 has also been a hindrance to a lot of activities. People have been forced to stay indoors to curb the spread of the deadly virus. However, several indoor activities can keep your dog both happy and exercised.

These indoor activities also help in strengthening the bond between you and your dog.  Here are some of the indoor activities.

1.Play tug of war

It’s a great activity and a form of exercise for both you and the dog. First, find some space and clear it. Remove all unbreakable and dangerous materials from the space.

You should also ensure your dog is well trained to understand the release command. With these few requirements, you will be good to go on with the game.

2. Set up treat hunt

Dogs do love sniffing and hunting. This activity allows your dog to have ultimate fun.  When setting up the treat hunt, first confirm the dog is not in your vicinity. You can lock it in a different room or put it in its crate.

Get some lovely smelling treats that your dog likes and hide them strategically around the house. It can be behind doors, under the sofas, under pillows, or in the corners of the room. The places should be easily accessible by the dog and be safe to avoid injuring the dogs.

When you are done with the set-up, release the dog. It may immediately smell the hidden treats at the start of the search.

But you might also have to guide it to where other treats are. It’s done to encourage it to continue with the search. Guiding it also makes the activity fun for both of you.

3. Try indoor fetch

Fetch is not just an outdoor activity. It can also be actualized indoors, across a long hallway, or staircase.

However, the place should be free from harmful objects. It is advisable to play fetch on a carpeted area or on a rough surface to prevent the dog from sliding and slipping.

4. Enjoy interactive games and toys

The use of toys helps to sharpen your dog’s mind while also rewarding it. It involves the use of hidden treats in objects (toys).

The dog will require some unique skills to get the food. It is up to the dog to figure out how the toy works to get to the food.

5. Do some basic grooming

It makes your dog look clean and nice. Grooming is the one necessary activity that every dog owner does. The dog should be relaxed during the activity. You can do this by giving it rewards.

Also, dogs do enjoy some aspects of grooming, such as being brushed.  When done gently, it can initiate bonding between you and the dog.

Outdoor activities

There are lots of outdoor fun activities, which can help strengthen your relationship with your dog. Opening and letting your dog play by itself is not enough.

You have to incorporate activities that will improve your dog’s abilities and behaviors. When it comes to outdoor activities, there are several options.

1. Water games

Dogs do enjoy water games. Mostly it’s done during the warm, sunny spring days. You turn on the backyard sprinkler and let the dog enjoy itself. You’ll love how it will be running to and from the sprinkler.

If you don’t have a sprinkler, you can use a bucket or a pool and dog ball toys, like a tennis ball.  Put the ball in the pool or bucket and encourage the dog to get it.

2. Hide and seek

As much as hide and seek is fun to the dog, it relieves some old memories for you. As you hide, another family member holds the dog. Once you’re in your hiding spot, the dog is released. You then call your dog’s name. When it finds you, you can reward it with something it does love.

3. Go camping

To people, camping is always a way of getting away from the bustle and hustle. You can flavor your camping by bringing along your dog.

Camping introduces your dog to new surroundings. The new sight and smell stimulate your dog’s senses.

4. Go to the park

Dogs do love freedom; take it to the local dog park. If your pooch loves to run and play, a dog park is the best option.

In addition to exercise, the parks help decrease behavior problems.

5.Take a walk

It’s the simplest activity to do. Choose a good neighborhood with friendly people. It will help your dog maintain a healthy body shape.


Dogs are the best pets ever; their bond with humans has existed for centuries. There are times in life when friends and family do not surround us.

During these times, the dogs do offer companionship and can be very comforting. Dogs are loyal pets, and they love pleasing and being around their owners.

Again they do offer protection. With a dog, you’ll have a friend to head to a dog-friendly bar with, eat dinner with and cuddle. Dogs are truly the best animal friends humans have ever had.

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