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Glamping, The Ultimate Holiday Trend


Glamping, The Ultimate Holiday Trend

Glamping is this summer success trend in the tourism sector. Many holidaymakers have chosen this type of accommodation, and why not you?

The Concept

When the words ‘glamour’ and ‘camping’ are combined, they form the term ‘glamping’. Far from the inconvenience or worries of setting up and provisioning, the tourist has an unusual form of accommodation. This concept offers a mixture of tourism, holidays, comfort, but also environmental friendliness. The assurance of a high level of comfort, whether in terms of bedding or catering, is the main factor in the success of glamping.

Where Does This Trend Come From?

The idea of premium camping is not new. The first mention of glamping dates back to the 16th century, when the Scottish Earl of Atholl graciously hosted his guests in extravagant tents filled with luxury. This trend developed further when the Ottomans created a team of craftsmen to travel with their military force to build luxurious palatial tents. Glamping continued to develop in the 20th century as African safaris became a popular trend among the wealthy. However, not wanting to sacrifice the luxuries of home, these safari expeditions were equipped with high-end tents, including generators, folding tubs and fine linens. The word glamping first appeared in the UK in 2005 before making its way into the Oxford English Dictionary in 2016. On the other side of the Atlantic, the first appearance in the public domain was in 2007 in an article in the US national newspaper USA Today. Now that the word has entered the mainstream, this British trend is unstoppable

Glamping Accommodations And Ecology

Mostly located in the middle of nature, glamping accommodations are oriented towards preserving the environment and ecosystems. Generally using less electricity than hotels, glamping facilities also favour the use of reusable and recyclable materials adapted to the site in which they are located.

From gypsy caravans to yurts, teepees and Unique Glamping Pods, glamping accommodation is infinitely versatile, as long as it combines closeness to nature with a certain level of comfort that goes beyond the rudimentary. These small spaces are so pleasant that some individuals even choose to install glamping pods to enjoy an additional living space in their garden. Others opt for these constructions because they are quick and easy to assemble and represent an interesting rental investment.

Why Is Glamping So Successful?

Generally in a preserved or exceptional site, out of sight and hidden from the crowd, glamping encourages calm and freedom. It is so successful that there are now many glamping facilities all over the world, in all price ranges.  And this is precisely where the craze for glamping comes from: it can suit all budgets and all holidaymaker profiles, whether they are regular tent dwellers looking for more comfort, classic hotel-goers looking to break away or simply tourists looking for something new and original. After reading this article you may be tempted by glamping but have you already booked your holiday accommodation this summer? That’s okay, but keep glamping in mind for your next romantic getaway for example!


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