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Have you ever thought of becoming a writer for a news company? Well, we can give you an opportunity to try yourself in such a role. We offer all our readers a possibility to submit a guest post to the website!

As we are a news website, your article has to be a fresh piece of news written in a proper way. If our writers and editors find the article unique and written according to our standards – you will be on the first page of our website!

For the article to be appropriate for our project, we need you to:

  • Write it with the full understanding of all the terms, events, and processes described there.
  • Make it a unique piece of news, not copied from any other news website.
  • Write it without major mistakes in grammar, punctuation, and orthography, as the article will be posted without changes.
  • Choose truthful information, as we want only truthful news to be here on our website.
  • Make the article at least 400 words, but not too big.
  • Write interesting facts in the article not to make it boring for our readers.

If you think you can achieve all that, submit the article to our editors, so they could check it as soon as possible. If you are not sure in any of the points described above, contact us to learn more. We will discuss the topic you choose, decide how to write about it so it’s interesting, etc.

You can also contact us if you need to know anything else about the guest post project. We are ready to answer all your questions regarding it, including which posts we tend to approve. In case yours isn’t approved, you can contact us to find out why we made such a decision, and we will tell you everything.

Our editors are waiting for the fresh news from you!